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I think it'll probably be okay fine no i suspect liz is probably now rushing this information to her daughter at school so bad full and get it should do is just download the podcast and play it for the class there any plus taking playing for the class do they give a pluses a man these days it's like you know no they don't give fails anymore these some sometimes they give now they don't give as cumbersome i give you don't like what is it is it one is a a or a grade i'm glad i'm not in school doesn't mean old catholics me no traffic dot cameras pretty much green except for a little bit around north salt lake coming into downtown salt lake that's to be expected this time of the day that's yeah we're good all right thank you very much long long move along carefully though so you don't get your car dinged up but if you do get it dinged up in an accident we want you take it to everest collision repair they do a top notch job and all thanks gene a bangup job that would be that we've we can either do the commercial forever's collision repair or continue to pat you on the back no i've taken cars to ever collision that have been in accidents yes but i have also taken cars they're just i'd had for a while and had some things dents and scratches and needed to be fixed up i've taken a car there that got a window broken into and had the window or all those things they can do everest collision repair works with most insurances and by the way i'm going to be there the re grand opening of the downtown everest collision repair today today you're doing from eleven to one come by hotdogs hamburgers free will really grown them up i'll make your hamburger i'll make you hot dog come by and there are cash prizes being distributed as well so come by.

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