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With you guys. I'm going to share it on the podcast, but I gotTA, split it up the first half of it I need to save for. September twenty-ninth. I so I'll sum this up. All right. So Pretty much. There was a blog that inspired me. Like so much that. I was able to see. God, trying to guide me from that blog high. So that's why I know the whole thing because it is just it's an amazing thing is in with. Disciple and the People's choice. And the message that Kevin gave that night dude. Is Amazing. In. No I know for the people that didn't buy the tickets I know that the message is on. Youtube even facebook. And it needs to be heard. It really does. I was going through. A really rough time. While rough day I would say. And the day you sent the email out what the MP threes download. The whole thing I put it on a playlist. I put it in the specific order. I left all the banters and the message off because I just wanted the music. Tangible from that moment on I. Felt like. Something was missing. And I mean that was in the morning dude like so all day I'm like. This whole like past two weeks I just felt. So in tune with God and now all of a sudden like I hit a brick wall. I didn't know where to go. So, even tell them my friend. Maybe I should go to a park or something to try to find serenity. So I can finally hear what God is trying to say to me. I was on my way to my friend's house and I decided to play Kevin's message, and that's when I realized that that was what I was supposed to hear earlier in the day and if I wouldn't bird that than. I would have had a better day one. You know you're not living with that that burden trying to figure out what what God is saying but. then. The next day. You guys released kingdom come. and that was a confirmation for me that Kevin's message was what I was supposed to hear because Kevin's message was love and. The. Chorus. That's if love is the answer which it was. Come so I basically was writing the to thank him for that message because it impacted me a lot in and I'll tell you what man I after I heard it again. I've listened to it every single morning since. Thursday, afternoon and. Saturday and Sunday I, do a lot of ubereats drive indoor dash you know. GotTa Grind. I listened to it maybe spun the whole concert three times. Not Awesome. So Sunday I really got a good dose of it but. It just sets it sets the mood for the day man and it's easier to love. And reactive people. S. So. Glad to hear that math. That's awesome. Yeah I can't wait to share the first half of it. I was going to that half of it but yeah, no, that's great. Oh. You've been doing a lot you just moved. So you have a new studio wrecked. Yeah. It's been kind of been my. All of my focus for the past two months pretty much. was you know Freeman is ever bought and sold a house? and. The same day. Which is obviously not it wasn't all in one day but like that was how it eventually happened. And A month of prepping old alson packing everything up and selling stuff and trashing stuff and just. You know getting ready and then. Moving which Of, course is a huge activity. When you've been in one house for years and years And then getting a new one and. Then for me having again this new space and set up everything from scratch. And I took the opportunity to upgrade some stuff and get some just new cabling for everything and stuff. I, needed to do for a while but you know starting fresh just talk the best opportunity. And so it took me. Like two weeks just to get the studio up and running between having to get the house. You know we painted a ton of walls and all the you know kind of stuff that you do to beautify and get past. Livable. And then get in the studio setup and and then finally catching up on where it which is why that show The People's choice audio which remixed here. I had it and I was like man. I couldn't do it justice before I had to leave. The House. And Pack up the studio there and I was like I just gotTa wait until I get into the new place and get set up so. That's why I was a little delayed is probably the best. Mixed live concerts I've heard. That's cold. Thank you I I definitely. It was a lot of fun for me because we don't really. We haven't done that before We don't like a song here and there you know we'll. We'll track a song here and there live. But yeah, doing the whole show was like superfund. Kind of capture that energy. Because it is different like it's a different experience as technical. But like for our our Frontier House Guy Joshu mixes us and mixed the livestream live. You know you kind of have to you know get stuff to just a level where it's just GonNa stay and then he'll do little adjustments here and there but. Because of that, you kind of have to favor the vocals in the legal especially and Kinda put way out front. and which is functional to good like this the way it's supposed to be when you can't automate things and. Really. Like changes everything for each song. Whereas for me that's why it was fun for me. I go in on the back end and really give each song different kind of treatment based on what kind of Song it was and is just like a tar heavy sunless tars of is more. You know streams and tracks heavy Lebron does up drum river just kind of give each section of each song, its own kind of. Special Treatments. Super Fun. That was the first thing I did pretty much once I got set up and then. And actually the same time I had a buried above. From Washington. State in town. And cold. We got some great stuff done hands that he was the first client here at the new the new digs. And it's just been packed ever since and I'm booking out. I mean. I'm pretty much going to be. Busy through the rest of the this point and anyway it's been awesome working here. The new room is great. Feels Super Good I love just being down here all day and and yeah, it's a good time. Awesome that there's so much New Christian rock coming out. Yeah.

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