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I don't know. Don't ask me. Yeah. Gary, you're supposed to have answers for Kevin's mansky. It was, it was, boy, it's just been such a long year for baker, who, you know, obviously, you have all these questions about, will they commit to them? You say at this point, probably not. I mean, the season's not over. And look, the browns still are at a point where if it goes chalk in week, what do we have coming out week 17? If it goes chalk and the browns beat the Steelers in Pittsburgh, they will play the Bengals for the AFC north title in week 18. In their own building, that's a Bengals team that will beat on the road. So it's not over for them. And again, it just in a 5 day span you have to play your third quarterback and you end up losing on a last second field goal to the Raiders and then you go into Lambo and you play well enough to win, it's just like and if you're gonna tally up the four interceptions, it's funny. Baker was not completely at fault. He threw one really bad ball that was picked off. Other than that, you had probably probably a penalty on the last play. It should have been on rasul Douglas. But you also had to an early in the game where school Douglas essentially tackle the guy disrupting a route. And that turned into an interception. And then the other one was Jarvis Landry falling down. However, Baker Mayfield just played really poorly. Like he's throws in between those interceptions. We're just not good enough for the most part. And I don't know. It's really tough to trust him. And he almost feel like it's trending that direction. Where it's going to be like Matt nagging with Mitchell trubisky a couple years ago where it's like, boy, we can't ask him to throw the ball further than 5 yards up the field. It's just gonna be a lot of screens. A lot of quick in breaking stuff and let's survive this. And then just let the run game do the rest of it. Do you want to hear my outrageously like there's a lot of layers to my baker take, but do you want to do I don't want to devote too much time on the podcast? And you can just say no and we can move on to. I'm totally okay with that. I would I agree. I would like to hear this. Okay, well first off, I think if you take his numbers, so I did his numbers for the first 46 games of his career. That was the cutoff was the Houston game week two when he injured his shoulder. And he has basically on PAR-2 or in slightly in some ways better like beginning career than Russell Wilson, statistically. He's not bad. And I think what's weird is, everybody is like just assuming that this is going to be the steady Ascension from a guy who was completely thrown into the swamp since the second he got here, right? You'd Hugh Jackson, you had Freddy kitchens, you had the organization was incompetent and bungling up until the moment that Kevin Stefanski got there, right? And so he had the one good season with Kevin Stefanski and I just think we all have this idea of who we think Baker Mayfield is because he came from the Lincoln Riley system. He's confident and assertive..

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