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Happened. I felt like I do. Paul Pierre like his dad. I thought he was faking it when he came running back. What did he do? This little showed up. Like to team up or inspire the team that turns out not duty. Just nature called man. Yeah, Nature called given, you know, given human beings. I'm surprised this doesn't have more often, you know? It may just doesn't need is a Lamar just Monday night Superstars national TV, By the way, the Browns on national TV again they took the Niners spot. Remember Sunday night football this week. Wait this coming sometime, setting the Browns back to back, naturally televised games and all the jokes about the fact that they're playing the Browns, right? Yeah, he dropped the break. Beat the Browns. You dropped the Browns. It was all that you are listening to can be. Art can be a reference. If Francisco these sports later, Murph and Max, start now. Good morning and welcome to the KNBR morning show. With Brian Murphy and Palma Cap Bridge on KNBR Sports, leaving My from the KNP, Our studios sponsored by Reno's Grand Sierra Resort and Casino. Here's Murph in back, sure wasn't anticipating that storyline to develop last night, Mommy, I mean, it was already a heck of a game, right? Yeah, really was, But that just took it to the next level everything. Wait, Where's Lamar? Where's Lamar? And then you hear crabs? And then there's rumors start flying. And then I got to tell you to hit him denying it, too. And saying I didn't pull a Paul Pierce to me, makes him all the more suspicious. Well as we get into, you know, we've talked a various time through the years we have thought on the he who denied it supplied it smelt it dealt it that whole deal. And here we go at the highest level in NFL playoff level, actually audience dude national audience, So here's my question. Some I'm on Twitter, Polly, and there's some Some guy with only 54 followers. No. Put out a picture of a little kid peering from underneath the bathroom stall out towards like the sink area. Understood and that it says he captioned it. John Harbaugh coming to the back to get Lamar Jackson off the toilet,.

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