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He wins like all of these. People are getting these opportunities. Because we had a chance to watch conor mcgregor do it. I'm not saying that. Conor mcgregor went over there. It could actually beat other boxers but he stood across from floyd mayweather. And we pay to see it so now when these other when these guys are being called out to box dc we give credence because we've seen it before. Where do we see it. We didn't see a conor. Mcgregor stood across says the greatest. I have saw you of so upset. Why why are you. So why are you so with me. Because you're changing the argument because i think four is the greatest of all. No because you're you're making this organization origami. It's not that how much argument you saw. A usov ijaz. Drop the top. Look at that a rc. I was up here. It looks like you got a little shorter. I don't look. I just dropped the top off. The top order to finish this up ryan. I'm not changing arguing. I'm just telling you that i get it. I get that did it at a bigger level but we have seen what we what we haven't seen before and what we haven't seen again is what conor mcgregor did commercial any organization. We have seen before and what we have seen again is guys like anderson tyrant bed who are in the organization goal and fights world three years. We've seen guys leave the. Us klay collared has started his second career in boxing because he's not with the ufc anymore. We have not seen though is the guy under contract. Agai octagon go to boxing. Fight a guy. Like floyd mayweather any go back to the octagon. That's the difference right and that's where the disagreement was from me now. What you're saying o'connor made it possible. Well kind of wasn't the first one to do this. We've seen this for years but we've seen older guys. That are no longer on the contract. Do it not guys that are under contract doing so ryan and with that my friend at this look at this little thing right when he kindly drought my head like that. I'll show you the off. The argument has been won by daniel. Corey dc give him hand dc. I'm not. I'm not giving you a hand for that. You didn't just win the world title. You're still arguing something that i wasn't arguing but you know what it's okay. Dc because after this if we get an opportunity may we can hang out. We can crack us. Open a nice more delo and we could finally be friends again but speaking of modibo there are friends to they have the fighting spirit. I think you have an ad read. I absolutely do it. I love the way you said. We can go in crack one but you know what dr c. You know what makes special is brewed for the old with the fighting spirit. And what would you expect anything less. How could you expect anything less from. The official beer of the usc but della was the underdog it came from humble beginnings ended. Never give up its brew from pre hop secrete a chris pills or style. Lager would set the standard for authentic mexican beer so ryan the next time that you and i are sitting on your conserve your twenty thousand square by car. We gotta make sure we've got the beer. That's always in our corner but delo is rufa though that the fighting spirit drink responsibly. Beer imported by crown imports chicago illinois. Now are see. I would love to sit in your mansion in the sun room in a ufc. But i'm gonna be acted on side on saturday to sixty six. Two title fights in the return of new ideas now four reference. I'm gonna say this has not been here for a long time. He has not fought since he fought anna civil way back in the day he has kind of gone away but he he he stays like his brother but the moment they show up people tune in now yesterday..

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