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Although it was, it was like a snapshot of a season in life and. I still. I listened back and I cringe not. Like screens, like wow I. I would not say that right now. But at the time. I just was so. Eager and excited and passionate. I've man like in the ideas that I had they weren't filtered. I didn't have an an are I didn't have a label. I didn't have anybody I don't even know. If I was showing people that songs honestly like do you like this like now? I have a demo on my hey. What do you think about this in back? Then I probably just as like. In but that project to me. Was About Finishing something in it was about the journey of making an album for the first time and mixing it in having no idea why I kinda knew it was doing, but I didn't you know and that was the beauty of it and so? I've learned a lot since then, and I listen to music differently and I. Think an first album is always like there's something so special about it because they. They didn't know too much yet most of the time. So there are doing things that. You know now. They probably regret all my goodness. What was I thinking? But that never would have come out if I would wait till you know. All those ideas would have been thrown in the trash. You know, but it was a specific season in life and. Yeah I think after being in the industry for a while you start to I think too much now you know before it was like. He has cool man. Put this on the album man you know like. One. Thousand of them showed up at the front door through this makers and I was like what am I. GonNa do with these like I. Don't have any fans. Thousand CDs. And you know that was kind of. Playing coffee shops selling ten at a time here and there you know. I remember reading about that particular story on your blog. Actually definitely, that's gotta be a bit of a shock when somebody comes right in front of your door with a thousand CDs and it suddenly like Oh, this dream, this little and my basement working on an album. Oh! Guess. I should probably sell this thing now. So the first song that I ever heard from you was called move. It was on your twenty eleven album I believe. That's how the story ends, and sometimes I revisit it and I think about my own next move. So, what was the inspiration behind that song? yeah man. I was so there were multiple. Songwriting to me, it's about entry points, so you know. Different songs can have a different entry points so for that. The track. the I first started I was at the gym I remember like I don't know why but I was just at the gym and I know I was at the gym, but I don't know why this idea happened I was like. Staring at me asking what I'm GONNA do next. Do, next don't next. A heat. And then from that point, it's like when that happens. Like I'm sub consciously writing. I'm working for it, but there's this kind of flow. And I said at the house for hours and try to right, but. That particular idea for one. It had been. Two years since I had released now is not forever on Goatee. I had quite the journey of figuring out what to do. And I felt like there was a lot of expectations at that point from people. And I just just kind of writing out of that pressure. Like? Literally, okay, what are you going to do? You know in. The track actually I had this opportunity to do a writing session. With a guy name John Fields I. Think, but he did. He produce some really amazing records he actually produced switch foots beautiful. Beautiful letdown so like wow. I'm at the studio listening to some tracks that Jon Foreman Borodin from the original demo and I'm like. What is this, so? We had a day session and it wasn't normal for me to have that like all the songs that you you're hearing. Most of them were done. By their me programming in the studio in Nashville, so I haven't worked with a lot of big names. But that day I got to do a session with him and. We kinda just like banged out this track. He played the drums and programmed it, and it was the start of the idea and he was like so. What do you have an honest? I got this I i. wrote you at the Gym. He's like Hey, rapid you know, and so then I came home, and the song kind of developed and then the chorus. It just turned into this kind of universal message of you know speaking from like. Literal first person descriptive to pay like. We're all like we don't know our next move. You know it's fine. That's Kinda of the backstory on. Scott..

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