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Prosecutor, Michigan, Executive discussed on The Paul W. Smith Show


A uncomfortable and a pain in the neck and other parts of the anatomy now a begin ding of the week i don't know how much you can talk about an ongoing investigation and the court proceedings but a special prosecutor adding a charge involuntary manslaughter against michigan's chief medical executive in the criminal investigation of the tainted water and the crisis in flint dr eden wells has had her charges i guess greg issue that say upgraded sadly in this situation of five other people charged with involuntary manslaughter as well and a fifty criminal charges fifteen stake in flint city employees there's a lot going on it's taking seemingly along time but i guess you don't time these things out you do what you have to do to get it done well you know that's true and and uh you know the court records gotta speak themselves them and i never really comment on any any of investigation lifted trial stages in an air court proceedings i know that that defense game one at so in other have their decisions after make in terms of uh uh they're discovery and procedures at all of that and and so that it's all of the courts now it's in the judicial track so to speak and the judges and genesee county will uh sort this all out as we go forward and that's what the justice trial process is about and uh uh i'm going to leave it at that at this point charges but the charges phase seems to be over at this point well you know we're in the trial i guess the best way to say this where day trial of phase of this whole investigation an an all about accountability in or twelve people die and uh kids were poisoning epa uh don't you think we should have accountability i of course thanks as always thanks for the help on the equity facts thing a keep up the good work attorney general bill schutte thank you sir good being with your paul outcry this afternoon we'll get our computers our just get will facetime she a a see you later a letter if i have a attorney general pill schutte also a gubernatorial candidate for a seven fifty three at wjr michigan opera theatre presents a powerful new interpretation of their dis masterpiece rigoletto october 14th through the 22nd at the detroit opera house this heartbreaking tale of love lives and sack revis is i can't miss opportunity.

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Prosecutor, Michigan, Executive discussed on The Paul W. Smith Show

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