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Hand over Kevin Harvick, Harvick Racing with Ryan Newman. But Kozlovsky as he comes up to speed may have pulled this one off. Kozlowski is at full song of the long Pond straight away about 20 car lengths, and they'll have part of Ryan Priest between himself and Harvick as Kozlowski leaves turn to heading 23 Kevin Harvick. Some 20 car lengths back behind Brad Keselowski right now is all by himself. On the race track led to the bottom of this can blank through turn number three and pulling away from Kevin Harvick just a bit with preachers car between them The reason it's so important because Kevin Harvick can absolutely make it the distance on fuel. That's why we're watching Harvick. As opposed to Keselowski and Steve Post reported that Jeremy Bolin's Keselowski's crew chief said we have to to judge this three seconds of fuel and how they made the pit stop as to where Harvick is, but Jeff That is not the entire story because there are others trying to stretch the fuel like William Byron. He is actually your race leader. Now he has to conserve to get it the final six laps. Byron making his way to turn three same for Denny Hamlin. Kyle and Kurt Busch. You've got Kyle Larson conserving and then you have Bubba Wallace. All of them would have to run out of fuel to play into the Harvick and Brad Keselowski's hand, so we'll follow the race leader. It is William Byron. Six laps to go. He's headed back to turn number one. And he's outfront by 2.5 2nd. William Byron Saving Everything he can save right now makes his way into turn number one. He's got a lead of about 25 car.

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