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Of the. How shall I say this one of the people helping Charlie Blackmon make your rhyme? L top, you got the ice water bath at the end of the game. Rockies beat the d backs four three and eleven will have more. Coming up on the KOA Rockies radio network. Here's the latest from KOA NewsRadio a tornado watch continues for the metro area until nine o'clock tonight. This is CBS four I'm meteorologist Lauren Whitney eastern planes have already seen tornado warnings this afternoon. So the skies start to turn a little bit gray. Just be extra cautious outside. You may have to move those festivities in doors. At least five confirmed tornadoes so far today, ten tornadoes confirmed across Colorado yesterday, only minor damage has been reported El Reno Oklahoma is recovering from a deadly tornado that hit over the weekend. And now they're preparing for floods. This is Oklahoma. Governor Kevin stint has been an unbelievable couple of weeks. If you know, really since April thirtieth, I think we've had a lot of floods some farmers affected, but we'll get through this, this Rockies news update is sponsored by Colorado farm bureau insurance. I'm Jodi Jordan on KOA NewsRadio eight fifty AM and ninety four one FM. Check at the drive show, some more activity around chorus field obviously. But the highway drive mostly in good shape. I twenty five looks to be wide open from Thornton to the tech center to twenty-five second clear also delays for I seventy six or sixth avenue. One trashes cleared eastbound to seventy.

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