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Pittsburgh? Steeler fans welcome once again to. The Sunday edition of the Hummer in hater. Show while it's always on Sundays you will not be seeing Lance Williams today. He is off on personal sinement and Michael. Beck is going to step in to maybe the hater roll. We'll just see, but you really can't hate too much of Michael Back with him. Wear and that Really Cool Jersey Mike Show that off my friend, Oh yeah, here we go. We're rocking that T. J. Watt Pro Bowl Jersey just just a really clean version of I'm super. GLAD TO FC didn't end up wearing that that kinda gross mustard yellow-faded Yellow Jersey that the NFC work. I definitely wouldn't have got it. That was the case. When I saw them rock and needs to say Oh, if that if that comes online, I think I'm going to have to spend a little. A couple of these Canadian dollars which were the Bankcard, but. Very. You're always saying Canadian dollars. Refill for you man. I am rocking. A steelers shirt from the X. L. Super Bowl L. Collection I had bought an purchase Oh many shirts that put away. And after that Super Bowl I have a bunch I have about twelve t shirts that I just put away never war, I'm like you know what I'm GonNa. I'M GONNA start breaking some of these out because we're going to do with them, so this is One of the official Reebok t-shirts from them, and as I always lake to you A. Sport. My steelers stuff the other day I was wearing just a ablution and I felt pretty bad and Michael made me feel bad. Dave made me feel bad, so it was a really Nice Martini t shirt, Martini, but now A. Cabana wear type Kramer shirt, but I took it off and I rocked the steelers so with that being said. We're glad to hang out with you on a Sunday, or whenever you're listening to this show on the BT. SC, family of PODCASTS, featuring on none other than myself. Michael Beck Lance Williams Tony Deaf Yell and don't forget the editor behind this curtain. Dave scofield his brother. Rich also joins along the SCAB. Geek as well so. Dave is already in the live chat, saying I didn't say a word, so it's all on you Michael. He's throwing you under the bus. Is there or do they have? In Canada it has something other kind of transportation besides a bus. would tip typically. We'd just ride a moose to school, but. I learning so much. I don't know with a a trolley or whether it was a certain Australian and like Yeah I. Just go. I mean okay yeah. Yeah. You, never know so you may. Oh, my Gosh, you might be given. The nickname moves, so we we. We can't do that. So with that being said. To the show. And I am so excited about the fact that. In so much about Ben Roethlisberger lately and Ben Rothlisberger coming back will host of weapons now some may say that you know and they're saying that the season really hinges on the fact that Ben Roethlisberger needs to stay healthy, and that is a given. We all know that but. If you go forward and look at all the weapons he has. It's great to have, but does the too many weapons. Now, we're not going to throw away any of the weapons. We're glad, but are there enough. To go around especially at a certain position, and that position that we're talking about this year is one of the definitely needed them upgrade and definitely definitely got upgrade, and that's the tight end position Michael Beck let's talk about those tight ends. Right you know with the addition of Eric Brown. I think we're all surprised in just a really good way. Especially when that contract came through of course, he battled that ankle injury that she will. He shot himself down Whether or not what side I guess, we tend to believe it. If as the colts Sir with them. Of course, there's a little bit of animosity there. But there was that divorce there and Pittsburgh got the benefit of the doubt here in one of the one of the best tight ends in two thousand, eighteen on a really good deal and then of course, incumbent Vance McDonald just. I guess one of the greatest highlights in the last. Half Decade that stiff arm on Chris Conte is going to be played over. And over of course his birthday was yesterday, so birthday Vanson that that highlight will be played forever anytime. You talk about Mr. one animal. Vance McDonald so Going into this year. They have some depth that a position. Where have they ever had? A number to like is solid. I'd say Vance's probably that number two guy right now I'm. has there ever been a guy that kind of good as a number to tighten, even Heath Miller didn't really have a running mate that was outside about block for sky, so it'll be really interesting year with the with the talent and the skills of this tight end group. That is for sure, so let's stop and talk about that first thing that you said about. You're not sure what side of the coin who what signed to believe as far as Iran and the colts that that messy divorce now here's something that I can say I actually don't have a lot of respect. For the Indianapolis Colts as far as a franchise goes now what they've done and especially in the in in years I really. I really appreciate what there and yet Reggie Wayne. Of course you had Marvin Harrison Yo Jeff, Saturday. You had some great. You really handsome some great players there, but as far as an organization goes. I didn't like the way that they treated. Peyton manning on the way out I, just didn't. Feel that it was like all right. What have you done for me lately, Bill? And then he's gone. I understand. It's a business, but there's a Lotta things about the colts that I. Just don't I. Think it's a Rinky dink operations and it starts with the owner. Mr Earth say I just think You gotTA understand I'm a Maryland resident. I was not a Maryland resident. I was a Pennsylvania resident on March thirtieth of Nineteen eighty-four when they just completely jerk. Baltimore and the state of Maryland and really us here as a steeler fan, I feel like they jerked us over when they loaded everything into a M-. MAYFLOWER truck and took off in the middle of the night and broke the heart of that team. Because when you think about it, that could very well happen to any franchise. Luckily, the steelers have owners like the Rooney's that you don't worry that about worry about that as much, but the reason I feel like it affected the organization. Could you imagine?.

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