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Some shit like that yeah the of the car senator ricardo it's called their polish on yeah can you find that zack i get that email um circle bullish list weight or the arc is an oath five mercer the manual for posted for where we go where the whole market list of high here we go i gotcha i gotcha the bull market list okay so he told rte deals on haggerty i'll plug haggerty they're great we got a lot of i saw them i was filming we are craft the other day and pictures air it is and uh i saw aaron robinson doing some shit with haggerty with like a bizzare rini and lighting he had like three million dollars in cars and i'm like going by my fox body like wall wall let's gaza he spoke to work there consisted yeah i'm on this weird shit yeah so here's the bull market lists the night hottest collectible cars round ounces biron robinson i'll riot plug him uh let's say you're an aaron samer w 114 banda here we go uh it includes two thousand to two thousand and six bmw m three zack latte lynn cheeks shaw 46 zan three away what are the the qualifications i'm sorry these are it has been missing one roof seem to be very jerry engine light that are of that uh let's see the likelihood of rising value in these are the fast rising fastest in value over the last three years okay so the m three seventy nine eighty six jeeps cj seven or is this in the same list as it well yes great thank god uh cj is coming up here's a window this person is a window look but there poking their head out the side looked a window is clean.

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