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News time, ten eighteen time for traffic and weather together on eight sponsored by the Berman auto express store. And here's Trente accent, things look great on the Edens. Either direction mirror, outbound Kennedy is slow to O'Hare twenty eight minutes trip and it's slow out to diversity, and then you're pretty much free to go though. Your inbound side is slow from negative Lawrence and division to the bernita chasing thirty one minutes from O'Hara into downtown nineteen minutes from the Edens junction. Your outbound Eisenhower slowing between central in Harlem, and thirty one minutes to route three ninety thirty one back in as well. But that is tightening up between Damon and the burn interchange on the Stevenson outbound slow from around twenty two minutes to get to the tri-state thirty two three fifty five back in his thirty minutes from thirty five and twenty from the tri-state without issue. Dan, Ryan, outbound forty to ninety fifth year on the brakes in nineteen minutes from downtown to ninety fifth year. Twenty two minutes back in from that, even the downtown and heavy from thirty fifth to burn interchange because of the game leading out at around thirty fifth there. So I fifty seven not bad at all. Either direction at fifteen minutes, ninety in the Dan Ryan deepish afford. Your outbound side is slow off the Ryan two hundred and eleventh and seventeen minutes to get to eighty ninety four off the Ryan your inbound sides. Okay. Northbound on the lakeshore drive area from navy pier Chicago. You're tightening up your southbound sides moving along. Well, southbound tristate heavy from Gulf to chewy roadwork in the two right lanes to blame. That's overnight stuff. That'd be placed till five o'clock. Tomorrow morning. Another spot to watch eastbound on eighty this is between Briggs in US thirty pretty solid. Now roadwork takes that left lane out. That's overnight stuff as well. Traffic is brought to you by the new Berman auto express store the expressway to buy your next car one hundred percent online. You select your used vehicle get instant upfront pricing, and they'll delivered right to your doorstep with all the paperwork. Ready to sign? See over five hundred vehicles at Berman dot com. Hencke traffic and weather together, every ten minutes on News Radio, seven, eighty zero five point out FM Accu weather tonight. Cloudy, breezy with a shower or two. And you may hear some Sunder the low sixty one tomorrow, cloudy with a couple of showers and a thunderstorm to.

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