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Your hands to yourself was that talking car on TV's nightrider stay away from me. Now, tesla has a different kind of stuff prevention system. It's latest software update, let's newer models record in sharp detail activity all around the vehicle using multiple cameras. Tesla owner Jim Franklin found out how it works hand. He was parked along San Francisco's embarked, Darryl. When it got an alert on his tesla app. That has cars cameras had been activated Kim, please. Quarter recorded on the cars video system. A man breaking out the back window of his car, including a crystal clear view of the getaway cars license plate without that video officer at a mob singer says they might not have caught up with the twenty one year old suspect is really effective crime fighting tool for us. And that's the Bloomberg NJIT stem report, Tom Jonathan thanks so much again futures up seven busy day here. Five things you need to notice searcher day. Brought you by interactive brokers rated number one best online broker in two thousand nineteen and atop online broker for the ninth consecutive year by Barron's visit ibkr dot com slash. Why be to learn more generated fund British newspapers? Is there a cabinet when she gets I have no idea, but it's going to be messy, and it's going to be messy too. It depends totally on what kind of extension. She gets. Is it the end of this year or is it March of next year because the EU on short term extension? She wants it's like the movies. I mean, she's at a table and no one in the cabinet supports are. That's how government sending she's going to be the scapegoat very much. So I don't know what the after is election. Tell us a different deal what we will get though potentially and very as European parliamentary election who sold that coming back in two thousand six off the prospecting the UK would still be participating in European parliamentary elections critically. What's the one thing? You will watch from our drug in the press conference because he emphasized the strength of the services sector emphasize, the weakness of the manufacturing sector and way chooses to emphasize what ultimately shape view on what he follows up with in terms of policy. Okay. Good rate rate cuts. Well, some guests say one two other guests go drew manage just completely other way. It's really cool split in conversation. Icy funny go to market Jim twenty seventeen and how boring it was I'll go with that. We finally have a market we debase we find that binary that sounds like Mohammed. Binary view. He would be proud of that one. I think so Aramco I pulled the why as screen people go. How did Bloomberg's start walked in a room? And Charles Gogolek football kicker said, Tom what's this, and it was amber screen like amber waves of grain? You're kidding me. And it was the yield analysis screen. I looked at it for the new Aramco tenure piece today there it is. We're going to be like Aramco off. The demont for that Aramco was was huge. Do you think the audiobook flat says the tugboat amount because once people saw that demand? I started to snowball because you knew you had to put in a big role because you gonna get scaled back, but to see it trait through the suffering cov-. I just think he's a quick. Yes. But it's something post people expected by the time we go to the final pricing. I look for Dan fuss kind of bond were the credit rating adjusts higher over the time one final thing your tots, Mr. king got hurt. Yes. He is. But he's not potentially out for a while. I didn't know that yet potentially Lucas Moore who I don't know comes in because Morris. Yeah. Sustain the game. They won one nil. Then it got to cities going to be interesting to see what the pretend like looks like to lex. Remember, tom. Goal something. And then at the end if we'll equal on go to waco's counts. Fidel think what for an to be clear. This is not the Premier Li which champions, which is what you forced me to watch. Saturday's Champions League. This is the best clubs in Europe facing the best clumps in Europe, a lot of money at the end of if you win it to British people playing in the because they to knock cast anxious, and then you have a drawl of random drill, and they were put together. It sounds like it's more intelligently put together in the Stanley Cup playoffs. Hockey the best teams could play early which is stupid. But that's the way they do. It. Should we talk about golf? You mentioned the masters. You actually watch. I love watching him is never been a relaxing, Tom. And it's so relaxing to watch the mouse. That's it's such a beautiful Gulf Coast. You're going down there with a firm that gave you the thousand. I wish I was going to balance with you. The eight thousand Chaz lift from someone that beyond me a big trip. So we'll go. The. John seen yesterday lift broke under seventy gun, cold sweat. Well, you mentioned let's talk about. Well, uber. We'll see it'll be it'll be something to see as well. Let me tell you about our golf coverage seriously folks tomorrow afternoon, this started out as yeah, we'll try.

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