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He was not he going to fall now blowing trying to pick that thing back by then all the lions fans were gone which I get. That stadium was empty. I now I feel for lines fans man. I've always had a soft spot for them. I like Matt Stafford and it was really weird. We had a little the two minutes left. We got the ball we victory formation with Ryan Griffin out there and then we did it four times turn it over on downs. They had thirty five seconds left or something like that. They did the kneel down here but still never give up like that. I don't think I think it sends the wrong message to the team. That's what it was. The Chicago game name was last year with Qatar. That's what I said. Last six minutes left he started around the ball round the clock out and we were down twenty points or something. I can't remember and he he just gave eh six minutes left and I said that's it. He's you know he's GonNa lose a team like that you can't you have to fight and fight you know and even even when you're down to three scores wars of thirty five seconds left you go. You never know what's GonNa Happen in full moment. You never know I mean the Atlanta Falcons got three E. onside kicks. Yeah couple weeks ago. One was called back penalty but they got to to write back to back and Matt Ryan when out there in late in awe. I'll be surprised if they hang on him this at the end of the year. He's just had a really crappy. Happy Year what do you think about Janus game but I think the I think either in debt. Oh most definitely there are some things he needs to improve on. Of course. He's he's always needed to improve on these three things up said to we drafted by it with the rest of the team. Rallying around him other snapping snapping up exactly offensive. Line did good today. I was shaky there to start off with but you know you get plenty of time to throw in Nice pockets. But the defense is really stepping up and in making up for Timothy Winstons deficiencies right like that. Interception didn't Detroit gets the ball backing. They go three now. They actually lost. George they got an interception us lost five yards three plays and then put it back to himself to didn't really happen. And Tamers t be able to overcome losing and Mike Evans. And then Chris God win Roy Mike Evans played with Johnny Manziel in College. And it was completely evident that Mike Evans was the reason why Johnny Manziel played as good as he did to. That fell and weren't playing together. You could tell who is carrying that tandem. You can't say that about James Winston now. You can't say Mike. Mike Gavin hasn't played two games. Now and James Winstons put forward and fifty plus yards two games names these past that anybody anybody can catch the ball. James Woods is going to get you the ball so you can't blame. You can't say the receivers are what makes Jameis Winston and I would have to say it's the exact opposite wisdom's making receivers. Although Mike Evans I think he could probably if you could make Johnny Manziel look you can make anybody look Yeah Oh yeah. He's absolutely an elite receiver. Yes yes he is. And you know the combination between Hill and Jameis Winston. You've been for the next few years. That's that's GonNa be an unstoppable duo and that we got Chris Godwin in there which I love Godwin because he is so physical does not look like he's. There's a lot more slender than Mike Evans. Says I feel like like Mike. Adams is a little bulkier and Chris. Evans just looks very lean by Chris Chris Christie team. I wish the shield in there did we ever tell this story about going and seeing the store on one anyway now and that's story for another time. Maybe the off season Glossman Trade Chris Collin he does not look like a physical player but he is so hard to take down he has constantly philly breaking tackles evading tacklers. It's really impressive. Like Mike Evans. He is big but he slow and he can get tackled. He's he's not a yarns after the Cat Guy Goggin as we haven't had one of those down plus Chris is a great blocker you know. He's very physical he's out there you know. He's not a Julio Jones level blocking but he's out there doing a good Dang job I think he likes contact depression too because he doesn't look like receiver but he really is Chris. God we're GonNa out was a shame because there was a stamp posted on the twelfth right before the game that Chris Godwin has seen the most targets without a single drop to seasonal one hundred thirteen targets and he has not passed yet really second in the NFL where he was second in the NFL with twelve. Hundred twelve receiving yards and nine touchdowns so hopefully he'll be able to come back and answer the staff if not. He's had a really good head. A great year. Put Tim up there with the with the elitism in the game. The ten long has played for the Tampa. Bay buccaneers. All of them were over twenty yards for the Detroit. Lions only had three plays ladies that were over twenty dollars how they only had nine plays that. Were overtaken unbelievable. All we had over ten twenty plus your incredible so we had more twenty yard plays than they did ten years ten plus yard place. Well Wanna I WANNA give a shout out to Britney one of the captains of the Tampa Bay buccaneers cheerleaders. She has gone to the pro bowl. How do they select that person and no idea idea well good for Brittany represent had they set the pro bowl? WHO's GonNa win the players? Keep out in kidney any spell and I think that's how well the player or the fan voting only thirty percent of the total votes right. It's the players the right. I don't Allah. How Fares put all the popular contest India? Because I mean if Evans Godwin Berit Winston and and Vida don't go to the pro ball. It's obvious it's all popularity and we know they're not going to go to the pro bowl shack definitely needs to go. Mike Evans definitely needs to go. Oh beat them. I don't know that many defensive tackles it or nose tackle. Our position is defined right to once you have that good a stance you know air. On course he's GonNa go check better go. They've sack leader and now he's been the sackler all year I think he's he was tied for a little while he might have fallen down in half at one point right I think so. That's quite impressive. Man or teams impressive. Continue their fun to. Why even announcer said even now said that I liked it when Lavar David made one of T. f. l.? I think it was a hit on that tight end. And it was like you could hear the head on the broncos. They replayed it. And what are the announcers. We're like listen to him. He's jacked and ages going off and the announcer was. I was just going on about how it's awesome to see that when a player gets like that so it was cool. Well our next opponent is the Houston. Texans that's going doing to build a Saturday guys about this because yesterday I felt like my whole day was just sitting around woodland my thumbs until the last point off your from. Yeah you know and we were talking about this earlier that normally at this point during the season we're not excited for the Games. We're just excited for them to be over because normally they're so bad at this point in the season where it is ready. I was excited for the game today. Tale you almost hit it. Exactly you predicted could forty two seventeen. The score was thirty. Eight seventeen so cops kudos to you. You said thirty to seventeen so if we're going by prices right rules island over over thirty to twenty one thirty to twenty one. I should've just let you give me more props. Shut my mouth so yeah. I can't pretty close the Houston. beat the Tennessee Titans today so they are trying to win their division right. It's still close. The titans are only one game down on the Texans but they're coming to the buccaneers. Yeah I know last two home games we are done with rogue gains. We finished five and three on the season on the road road. Yeah we had a good run and we. We got a lot of mileage to do this. I think most in NFL history ridiculous. They need to make the Patriots do that next year as punishment for other teams. Yeah we watch the video of the Viagra for and the bengals security guy. He was filming and they were like. What are you doing there? You can't you can't okay. Here's the thing does. The Patriots really need help beating the right not to be the Bengal things out because anyone thinks with the bucks needed to beat the bengals. I don't think so. Come on us to in Texas to come into the House fighting. They'RE GONNA THEY'RE GONNA be fighting playing for. I guess the play for Deandre Hopkins was held pretty well today right yardage region staff. Yeah with the Texans so you know maybe we can get a blueprint from that but they did win so watch some film on the Texans as weak the close close game twenty four twenty one with Houston beating the Tennessee. Titans deandre Hopkins ended up with a six or seven hundred nineteen yards no touchdowns though that's really the difference. There can still hawked all the touchdown throwing two or three receptions three targets gowdy at thirty five yard five yards yards in two touchdowns Deandra. I'M GONNA leave isn't a first round of the playoffs so don't forget. The game is on Saturday. One PM. Elm You'd get worried out all the buccaneer fans diehard they're gonNA know but there are some people out there who are not going to be aware of that so let lemesurier late everybody now be nice to have a a pack stadium the the Choi Lions only half fifty six thousand people show up in their sixty thousand was sixty five hundred sixty five thousand and it didn't uneven look like that much now. That's their official. The official paid numbers. But like I said a lot of a lot of corporations buy season tickets then. People don't go so so next week should be a pretty good barometer for where we are at WE'RE GONNA go in limping because of all the injuries I think our defense is really gonNA have to step it up. Not that they haven't been stopping it up but this is a different caliber team than what we've seen in the last few weeks we were to in six at week. Eight eight nine nine we gave us but and we are seven and seven now lost one day and that was against. It's the saints team very proud. I'm happy happy with another. Isn't that a full month of being proud and welcome my chest out mccullers hours with no humility December is a good month for the bucks finally for the play offs but yeah terroists kind commissioning month. If we would've won that giant's Game Bruin won the giants game and the Tennessee game both two games. We should should have won the giants game in particular because we only lost that by put literally and we'd be right in it we'd be right in the middle of the hunt but a spilt milk. We're GONNA get football team. They're entertaining to watch the beating people. Silly look at hope especially for next year. Just imagine what do with a full a few upgrades or just a full year in the system. Yeah yeah everybody getting more used to each other heavily. We've got a lot of continuity to keep people our any that's going to wrap it up for us if you want to stay. Listen to Bruce Arians Post Post game press conference. We'll have it at the end of the podcast here. Great Game Today Been Fun to watch. It's good to see us. Beat down another team always enjoy that we played well. I think I think you're going to be hearing US talked about all off season as the team to watch. So buccaneers fans. Hold your head up high stick chest out wait colors proud and till next time box another game..

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