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Better than Jason Tatum was in Game three. When he poured in 50 becoming just the six Celtic ever reached that number in a playoff game. We'll see what Tatum has in store for tonight is the Celtics try to even the serious with the Nets at two games apiece. Robert Williams was it is doubtful with the injured ankle while Kevin Walker will test that his name pregame see if he can give it a go. He's officially listed as questionable tip off is at seven. Red Sox and Marlins were postponed. They'll make it up on June 7th as tickets to today's game will be honored on that makeup date on the seventh socks when I haven't water Rodriguez start tomorrow, gets the Astros in Houston versus seven straight on the road for the Sox. Braves outfielder Marcel Ozuna is being held in Fulton County Jail on charges of aggravated assault by strangulation. Ah, felony that carries a minimum of three years and a maximum of 20 years in prison after police say they witnessed Ozuna choke his wife and throw her up against the wall during a dispute at their home and the Bruins get the day off to relax after David Pasternack recorded a hat trick. In a convincing victory over the Islanders in Game one game to tomorrow night Down the draft. Kings abuse coach sports to get a free shot of millions of dollars up for grabs this week with your first deposit minimum $5 pounds required eligibility restrictions apply. See draftkings dot com for details. Mark Bennet WBZ Boston's news radio. It's time for traffic and weather together. The super retailers of New England all wheel drive in traffic on the threes, and it is a messy day. David, too, Droney take it away and sure is messy, all their Madison for sure. Road's wet Take it slow hearing a lot of crashes out there this time responsibly. Wendy's breakfast. Everything up North Madison's looking good 1 28 93 3 and 95 all looking good to him from New Hampshire. Coming back from Hampshire 95 cell phone. You locked up almost three miles to a crash. Just before the Hampton Tolls. 93 is looking good. Conquered to the mass State line South down 4 95 cell phone. Still the end up to about a mile to an earlier rollover before we 58 Wareham Expressway North bound on the brakes, Columbia Road Up through the O'Neill expressways Cell found you slow self beta neponset again through the split. Who three North bound Not that bad about 23 Mile 2 to 4 miles from route 53 up to Derby Street. You'll hit delay south bound. You locked up 18 to Derby 95 North bound is okay to out 95 Okay both ways actually to and from Rhode Island. 24 north on that earlier crash before 1 39 stone that has cleared all lanes open images. Dondo, the down for the count there for 2.5, Miles, until that thins out 24 self found heavy heavy curiosity delays. Same spot through stone by 1 39 Everything's looking Good. Capeside six. Route six on the Midcap Highway, No Issues sag, More Born Bridges looking good Coming off west on the pike about 45 minutes between the pro tunnel into 90 and often 4 95 cell found. Still seeing those delays 62 down 2 to 90 when.

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