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Did he talk radio vij 60 kia civil san francisco england's north korean decision a probe widens i'm anne cates the united nations security council has voted to penalize north korea for its latest missile launched us ambassador to the un nikki haley says beyond yangambi hit with bands that will cost the regime more than a billion dollars a year the price the north korean leadership will pay for its continued nuclear and missile development will be the loss of one third of its exports and hard currency this is the most stringent set of sanctions on any country and a generation but all investigators are looking at the deal links between former national security advisor michael flynn and turkish officials of course went up four sanchez a special council as requested specific documents from the white house pertaining to flynn even going as far as to interview witnesses and question them about ties between the former national security advisor and the turkish government president trump has begun along august break at his golf club in bedminster new jersey accompanied by new chief of staff john kelly he'll be holding meetings during the working vacation then continues through three us marines missing after an osprey aircraft crashed off the east coast of australia correspondent barbara star lay or searching for the member who were on board the m v twenty two aircraft that can take off vertically like an old copter and then continue to fly on like a regular airplane coup into real court florida marine as sinkhole that swallowed to homes last month atlanta lakes florida is growing past cocaine emergency management kevin guthrie says to more houses the tampa suburb of been condemned to heartbreaking for me to have to do that to go to a person is in both their entire life than their savings in your checking into into a home and say that that home islam going to end up lobbying there anymore crews are trying to stabilize the sinkhole i'm anne cates this is a court ordered notice current and former bmw mazda subaru and toyota owners were less sees can receive payments and other benefits from a legal settlement related to allegedly defective.

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