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I want to show up and they're like who are you so I came on Conan was talking about my name and how Irish should as in you said it. He said Megan Mullaly. And we're making jokes off of that and you said Middle Name Potato I. Of course I've always never slugging great the settled. Megan p Pima Loullie beaver Potato all the Irish stuff I also to have a interesting relationship with Irish culture because a they don't get any more Irish than he does and there are. There are times like when I look at his face and it is like that face does not belong in this century faces. Yeah exactly in a bog with cupboard in tweed but also to in Chicago. Irish culture is like it's almost oppressive at a point and Did you did you come from Chicago? I grew up in a town called York Phil which is sixty miles west. And you're kind of Kankakee area right. Aren't you halfway between Manuka is just I know I remember Manuka. Yeah I lived in Chicago played. Football gets Manuka a few times to northwestern than I lived in Chicago for many years into theater. We all have that. Yeah Yeah on the occasion that we would play your villain sports as a much bigger school. Yeah so know. Imagine a team of Nick offerman verses a team of Andy Richter's which is normal sized people versus Herculean Bobbins. There were there was a town. There was a little tiny town called. Norway guess what? A lot of the people were Norwegian and and in fact that was because we were Swedish and we. Would you know what that we well? I mean we're a lots of everything but we chose to celebrate the Swedish stuff because it's a lot less problematic than celebrating the German part. She's look there's a few gangs in the German part mainly Swedish. Yeah we're mostly Swedish. Exactly like fucking trump. You know. He's straight up crowd and he's like I'm Swedish. You know but In Norway to is where we would go to get our Luda Fisk at Christmas time. Do you guys know ludicrous. No I know what it is festival. You're talking cod yet. Lie Cured Cod that you cook all day in a cream sauce out it. Oh it was the most vile shit but in my steph. Grandfather was Pir Swede and hated it but like it's like one of those punishment foods that people have to submit themselves to because of their cultural identity. You know But Norway tiny nothing town kicked everybody's asking and asking basketball because they were all like seven foot tall vikings and So yeah it would you could really. You could tell the difference. The size of the school would relate to the size of the people to did you play in Did you play football? I did yeah. I played baseball. Basketball and football. Football was my best sport. Yeah but it was I forget the classifications. But we were you know Two or three a York Ville was like five. Yeah and so a yard field was small relative. Yeah sure yet compared to the suburbs. I know I want you to champion. I went to Champaign Urbana for two years. Yeah maybe went. Eighty four to eighty six and I started there I knew I wanted to do something creative. But as I'm sure you know coming from Newport like when did you? When did you really believe that you could make a living as an actor coming from Manuka? A huge part of origin story is that the world said. You can't go in like you. Don't go into the arts. People don't do that same. Ihop took a girl friend to an audition at the University of Illinois. And I'm fortuitously medical theater students rose like hang on. What's this and they said? Yeah basically I found out you can get a degree in doing plays and you can go to Chicago and get paid to be in plays and this was such an epiphany and I was like I knew it. I knew you could go into the arts. Yeah Yeah Yeah and so I went plays in school. Sure Yeah But but I you know as a junior at the time in high school when you're supposed to pick your college and be picking your career path and just literally the entire world was like no you can't go into entertainment. That's yeah no one's ever done it. Yeah it's like saying you want to be an astronaut right. Yeah you know Yeah so that was. I came from that to that very same thing and I was even. I wanted to be an actor but I couldn't admit you know I. It seemed far as the midwestern phrase of Tooting Your own horn. It was to to self-aggrandizing so I thought well be a writer because I you know I I was always funny kid and I always had i. I'm good writer. You know just ansars. I'll do writing so high school guidance. Counselor you're where you're going to go to college. What are you gonNA study conversation and I say I want to be a writer because also journalism then now? I don't really journalism I said. More like you know like sorta creative writing race or maybe even for TV shows or movies and he went do journalism. I mean you can do with that stuff on the side and brave soul that I was. I went okay. All do journalism size started at you and I was going to go into their journalism school. Which is a program that they're college. Communication doesn't start until your junior year so I was just GonNa do Liberal Arts and sciences and that's what I did for the first two years and early on into my sophomore year. You Go and you meet a dean at the college. Communications is sort of talk about you know you have to maintain a good GPA. Which I had and sort of talk about what you're in for in the next year and kind of plays into classes and things and I told her what I was interested in. She said you know we're going to train you to be a reporter and I don't really want to be a reporter and and I said I said I really would rather sort of like right fictional things I said or maybe even you know documentary kind of things. I said that or essays but I don't want to be a reporter and she said Oh. We shouldn't be at this school and I was like. Oh should I be in the college of Fine Arts learning creative writer? English learning creative writings. Because normally you should be at U. OF I. She's like if you want to. If you want to write for television and movies you should go to film school and to that point. I'd never I was going to go to four years of College at University of Illinois. And it was like she hit me in the face with a bat. I was just stunned and I walked up less than a minute later. She's right so I went to. I couldn't afford either co so I went to Columbia College in Chicago and went to Film School Columbia College. Which at the time was way. Shittier than it is now. It's really come up. It's really something now. And they have a La Campus. You know they didn't have any kind of like La Chicago pipeline. Although they do they did have some. I think it started when people started to come out here and be successful then it sort of created this kind of pipeline back and forth and you know as you guys were talking not really knowing or being allowed to think that you could have a career in the arts I felt like I could have her in the arts but I was embarrassed to really be aggressive or you know not aggressive. But I still don't WanNa even say the word aggressive because it embarrasses me but I didn't I was When I took an acting class at the beginning of my freshman year dropped out of northwestern and he dropped out of it because I found it profoundly embarrassing. I didn't understand what a theater kid was. And I didn't know how to roll around on the floor and pretend I was something else but I'm wondering you know. Having established that we all had that affliction to one degree or another. If that is something that is is disappearing now because of the Internet and Youtube and everybody grows up on Camera. They're being filmed by their parents. And then once they're old enough to have a phone. They're filming themselves. I wonder if that's even a thing now does every is everybody just like no. I'm going to be a Big Star. So get out of my way even remember you talking about it many years ago one reality. Tv Hit and you suddenly with the Popular entertainment can suddenly go into your house. Passed you to your great aunt. Smoking on the porch and suddenly real humans were revealed in a way that when we were growing up the thing we were battling was like. Oh no no no. That's like that's unattainable but it's also beneath our value systems. Yeah Yeah you don't WanNa go to show Biz was synonymous with working at a strip club. I think hometown yeah and also I mean. I think there's a thing too. It's like it's full of gays and Jews when I flip from a small town like. Aren't there a bunch of queers. I was an altar male. Yes there are. Let them my my my priest at my church when I The Catholic church where I was an altar boy and I read the re the gospel readings so I was like the favored son of Archer. Yeah Yeah And I it came out that it was going to go to theater school and after mass the next Sunday took me aside and said you know I just WanNa make sure you're aware there's a lot of like casual sex and drugs in the world of of with the arts and my eyes lit up and I was like fantastic suspected as much. Yeah Yeah thank you for confirming Tony. Thanks for everything support for inbound with Nick and Magon is brought to you by Man. Scape the best man's below the belt grooming. Oh Man's caped. Have I got a job for you? And His name is sire. Offerman give anything. He's being strangely. Quiet were mysterious. I have not met the tools landscaped. 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