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That moment for just what it is on its own terms which i completely except in that's all that's all good but if we cut ourselves off from looking at the past to try to come up with some lesson from it or some or some historical comparison given given a certain very similar set of parameters these guys did this and it all went wrong or these guys this all went right i think that's kind of what we ought to be doing and so like you take for example the book that i wrote which is the storm before the storm the beginning of the end of the roman republic is in part attempting to kind of marry those two ideas where the book itself is just a straight up you know fifty year narrative history of a particular moment in roman history between the rise of the rock brothers and sola being declared dictator for life that fifty year period is incredibly interesting i don't get into like any analytical comparisons with the twenty th century america the twenty first century west but one of the impetus for writing the book is that i do think that there are a lot of similarities between what the roman republic was dealing with as it was coming out of the third punic war in the middle of the second century and what the united states is dealing with sort of emerging from the cold war there are a lot of similarities in the conditions that if you look that if you say there's a lot of similarities in the conditions of rome circa nineteen or excuse me circle one twenty one ten.

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