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To the media just a little while ago from just about my absolute peaks to the absolute rock bottom. I think this is expected to be an understatement. Sucks. Michael kopeck had a rough start on Wednesday night against the Tigers gave up four home runs in three plus innings including three in the fourth inning. And what turned out to be attended to blow out loss? Now of kopech does need Tommy John. It would effectively put him out for the twenty nineteen season. The hope is he would be back come spring training. Twenty twenty White Sox. Have the angels tonight on the south side the cubs. Meanwhile, are delayed in their start against the nationals in Washington rating heavily in DC, if they get going this evening, John Lester will go up against Joe Ross and other pitcher coming off of Tommy John surgery. In fact, he had some fourteen months ago. Milwaukee's four and a half behind the cubs in the NFL central. They host San Francisco Saint Louis is five games out. They are in Detroit to the bears. Eddie Goldman getting a contract extension. Fact. It's the first extension awarded to a Ryan pace draft pick. He was the second round choice. In two thousand fifteen paces first year of drafting for the bears, and he is getting a forty two million dollar four year extension. Twenty five million of that guaranteed. It'll take into twenty twenty two d Andres Houston Carson out for Sunday's game in Green Bay tight end. Daniel Brown is doubtful. US open tennis unfortunate for Raphael. Dolly had to retire. After the second set of his match with one Martine del Potrero who heads onto the final after winning the first two sets seven six and six to a doll with a knee injury. Novak djokovic. Meanwhile with an early two games to.

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