Kelly Sadler, White House aide who insulted John McCain, is out


The majority of university staff has criticized the final version of a new voluntary code on vicechancellors pay it buzzed by chancellors from sitting on committees which decide that pay and requires universities to justify senior staff salaries chris says he chas the committee of university chaz which wrote the code told us it will promote more openness it allows us to get the balance right between sustaining these world class organizations by being able to recruit retain and reward those people that we entrust to lead them and at the same time balancing the need to demonstrate value for money but the university and college union says it's woefully inadequate gentlemen's agreement it's general autry sally hunt told us there was still no transparency there is still still no staff presence there is still no student presence ion standard it's still a completely separate process to that which is used to reward everyone else a white house aide who mocked the terminally ill senator john mccain has lost her job in the runup to a confirmation hearing kelly sadler said senator mccain's opposition to the appointment didn't matter because he was dying the eighty one year old former presidential candidate is suffering from brain cancer his on north america correspondent peter bowes kelly sadler was taking part in a discussion during an internal meeting at the white house about gene hospital president trump's choice to be the next director of the cia john mccain had urged his fellow senators to vote against miss hospital because she refused to condemn torture during the meeting kelly sadler reportedly dismissed senator mccain's objection saying it doesn't matter he's dying anyway despite widespread outrage at the comment the white house refused to apologize all publicly rebuked the communications aid instead the president said the way the mater had been reported showed the leaking of information from the white house was out of control microsoft has sunk a small data center off the coast of orkney as part of an experiment to improve energy efficiency more and more information is held in vast data centers but they consume large amounts of electricity partly to keep them cool the details from our technology correspondent rory kathryn jones it's the whites cylinder about the size of shipping container packed with computers it was assembled in france then sell to orkney and sunk a mile off the coast there it was linked to.

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