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What's up everyone. If you figured optometrist. Dr daryl glover today. I am super excited because i am hanging out with a big name in i Friends and family. I would like to walk. One of the cofounders from worby parker dagoberto. How're you doing today. Sir then great. Thanks for having me on. No thanks for joining the podcast. You know I i'm super excited. Because you know. I want to pick your brain. I want to know more about you. Wanna know about you know How worry parker is maneuvering the eyecare industry and all the great things that yet done any eyecare industry as well but before we jump into any of that. Let's take the top dave. I wanna learn more about you. You don't mind telling me about where you from where you did you school in Where they've just give me a little bit of a background of who you are. Let's bill from there I was born in sweden. But when i was six moved to san diego grew up there but my parents are doctors and growing up as a hundred percent. Sure i was also going to become a doctor ended up going to berkeley for undergrad. Was a bioengineering major. So took all the pre med classes took the mcat. I was kind of all set to follow my parents footsteps and this was in the late nineties early. Two thousands and the rely changes that were happening. I within the world of healthcare. As i guess there always are but in particular the rise of hmo's were kept taken taking over parts of industry and talking to my parents and their friends who were doctors. they express a lot of frustration and then talked about the good old days and that they can spend his time as much time with patients and and they just seemed more frustrated than Than i had heard In a as a child. When i shared my parents and so i started considering other potential options. Don't wanna do something to help people one day But i had a lot of friends that were going into the world of business and Thought that maybe there was a another potential avenue where I could learn something about business and maybe one day Either help run a company or helped started.

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