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Like <hes> fish purveyor to the stars and he was like just in his warehouse down the street from me but yet i love to cook fish and i think a lot of people are intimidated emanating. Is there like oh. Is it going to stick to the grades or what do i do. This and it's actually just so easy. 'cause you know fish usually <unk> quickly anyway <hes> and so you know it's light and fresh but if you look at some of the videos or my fishmeal on my on my girl school series you'll see i actually show you three different ways. Go fish and one is <hes> on a cedar plank you know because a lot of people just salmon on a cedar plank but planking is great for all kinds of fish and seafood cpa rate things like shred or scallops. It's you know it's not a fun way to add smoke and then you're also not having to put the fish directly on the grates on tom but also like take a bed of lemons rights slice limits thin and use that as like your barrier to the grill and put your fish over the lemons and impart citrus like i kind of steams them on a bed of citrus which is perfect for fish and then you know you can even do in like parchment kind of oboe hobo style right right like a steamer packet so the downside of that is that you're not gonna get the smokiness from the grill but it also gives you an opportunity to add a lot of different flavors favors things like wine a lot of butter garlic and just stuff that you can kind of similar in fresh herbs so yeah. There's a lot of fun things you can do with it and even a lot of people think they need like like a special fish grilling pan. You know really just use a piece of foil that you fold up on the side so all compound butters and inner city doesn't run off and you have your little d._i._y. Grill pen you know you don't have to have special equipment to grill fish and some fish you know like <hes> you could just on on this winter skin touching the greats and that works to you know if it's thicker it's thicker skinned type fish bravo bravo lindores here on the show grow girl dot com at grill girl robin on.

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