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Joe ends going backwards talking about side. Ends John, give me your number ten tight end. I feel like for number ten. You got to be thrown a bit of a I guess you're, you're going for it at this point. Right. You're taking a guy. I'm guessing and tight end is going to be going in, like, the, the later rounds. Probably, and that's and that's also begs the bigger question. Do you have a strategy when it comes the tight ends or do you just lump tight ends in the kind of pass catcher receiver thing? I think that's a mistake this year. Yeah. This year. I think I will most likely target Erz Kelsey Kittle that tier one, the thing is because you know a Yahoo league. Right. You have a tight end slot the slot. And you can only use it for tight end. I think a lot of people look past the tight end when really that could be your fourth receiver. Right. You have your two receivers. Then you have your slot house this where you ideally put in a pass catching running back or a good third of receiver position. The tight end is a secret fourth receiver slot that doesn't get used enough. And I think the big thing and obviously it depends on your league and a lot of leagues like the F FCC leagues. I'll be participating in. They allow to flexes where you can play additional. They have that point and a half per catch. If we're talk are we doing standard here? Yeah. Not that it really matters. But I agree with you. And I also think they're tight end is deeper than it's been the last couple years. The tight end position has been very deep. And but all that being said, I still think my strategy will be I will go, get Kelsey kit alerts early, especially in an F PC format. If I don't get one of those guys I feel like the next year is quite wide and. I'm not even trying to put out these awesome puns. And honestly, like I think for me the guy, I'm going to throw tenth. I've seen him in this realm. It's gonna be Vance McDonald. And I'll tell you why Sean. Upside. All right. Well don't we'll save it for the where you got him in your top ten. He's number ten oh going backwards. I was tossing it up now. Okay. Jump in. Well, I just it's Vance McDonald. And I think it's Big Ben will throw the tight end. It's not going to be sexy. I think Vance McDonald gives him something at the tight end position. He hasn't had much of he's got that speed. And again when you're talking about the temp tight, and you're you're you're talking about mid to late round. So I think you can definitely take a stab at a guy like this so many so many position I, I haven't some on my list. I have him higher. Oh, save him. I'll say my takes on him for when I get to him, that tie-down my slots house a slot. My number ten tight end for the New York football. Giants me Evan Ingram possibly occurred to see here, everything super tell to guy you think would benefit. Possibly more targets with the boat trip document Cleveland AK Odell Beckham junior. However, for me, there's two red flags that, that, that don't allow me to move him higher up on the list. Legitimate questions about quarterback. I mean. Have you not seen Daniel Jones? Yes, I have is. So big on his shoulder. There's legit questions a quarterback and injury plagued. And it wasn't just hey, he blew out an ACL he was out the entire season..

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