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Judges tend to be. Like a second prosecutor, it often feels if they are teaming up against us with the attorney and skiff no pretense of a lack of biased or much sensitivity to how they're questioning might affect someone or even retraumatize someone who's gone through terrible violence, inverse acumen. After hearing the struggle against bias that Mary in many of their immigration attorneys face. The natural thing to do is ask whether there's anything lawyers can do currently to address these problems. Honestly, our remorse very limited Mauleon zero is yielding the night man's war potentially planes with UI are the gun mentioned that oversees the Gration judges, but those complaints, nowhere men's practitioners hand, not even being complaints. Nah, just system is essentially meaningless because if there's any kind of reprimanded, they aggression judges, it's not terribly meaningful or significant attends to be training or counseling. It's very rare that an immigration judge would be suspended or taken off the bench entirely for what in many cases, in my opinion, kit can be serious misconduct deprivations of to process. Anecdotally, I can tell you that I've worked other negation attorneys, I know tend to be hesitant even file place because of fear that. This is particular immigration judges will not be filed complaints against them will retaliate against our clients. In the interest of being two judges. Mary pointed out that sometimes judges make certain unfavorable decisions because they are simply bound by the president of the circuits that they shouldn't. A fifth Circuit Judge just does not have as much leaded as a night Circuit Judge does, however, changes can and should be made to address judge bias, make the system more fair and whole judges accountable. One of those changes should be hiring judges of more diverse backgrounds. Since the majority of Gration judges have previously worked for the government which makes them more likely to take the government side. Additionally, most gracious judges are male, which too distantly also makes them more likely to deny asylum. Ultimately better complaints must be created, which ensures that attorneys will not be retaliated against for making complaints. And immigration judges should be subject to more reviews of their performance, especially when they are at the very low. Or very high end of the spectrum when it comes to grant rates. Thank you very much for listening, and I hope I've been able to shed some light on a very serious problem facing asylum-seekers in the United States. That was Sabina Greco with the wrong judge at the wrong time. The second in our special series on refugee law. Now, our final story, the US places and important role in helping refugees throughout the world by providing funding to the United Nations. But this year the Trump administration cut funding to the UN agency that provides services to refugees. Rachel Polski takes a look at the impact of these cuts on one group of refugees. Five million Palestinians, Rachel Polski. Sleeping in cramped house on wood boards. A grandfather living in Gaza only wants what is best for his grandchildren, but with an unruly funding cut, he worries his grandchildren will become criminals and thieves stealing bread, Justice, revive a Palestinian mother of two children already feels defeated and cannot understand why anyone would want to press her family more. These stories are real and happening. Now, as the unrelenting has become a reality, the Palestinian refugee crisis began in nineteen forty eight and has constituted one of the largest longest lasting unresolved refugee conflicts in the world today, the United Nations relief and Works Agency from here on out, referred to us as unreal. Currently provides services such as education health care to over five million Palestinian refugees in the West Bank, Gaza Strip, Jordan. Syria and Lebanon, according to the source, the Mandy of unruly at sixty, a person who meets unrest definition of a Palestinian refugee is defined as a person whose normal place of residence was Palestine during the period of June first nineteen. Forty, six to may nineteen forty eight and who lost both home and means of livelihood as a result of the nineteen forty eight conflict. The core focus of unrelated is to provide service to those persons falling under this definition. The United States has been unrolls largest donor supplying almost thirty percent of the overall budget get earlier this year, the Trump administration decided to withhold sixty five million of its plan contribution of one hundred twenty five million dollars as a comparison to show the true impact of this cut. Last year. The total US contribution was about three hundred fifty million on January. Second, Donald Trump through Twitter, of course, tweeted, it's not only Pakistan that we pay billions of dollars to for nothing, but also many other countries. As an example. We pay the Palestinians hundreds of millions of dollars a year and get no appreciation or respect reactions. This cut in unroll funding spurt of a rioting of different emotions across the globe. Many were shocked alarmed, devastated and fearful of the consequences that article some. The spokesperson for unruly. Chris Gunness reacted in a similar fashion, calling the reduction regrettable. Hunting is regrettable. It's also and home full at risk is the longest standing most successful Dali innovative, Hugh into velopment and humanitarian program with United Nations in the Middle East risk is the education of all children. One point, seven million million food insecure people may get food them cash, working to protect women vulnerable children, the elderly, the sick, the dying. These are the people what has to think tonight, as I say, the dog is regrettable. Cleaner nyah olive Dula of Jordan also had comments in regards to the massive cut and unrelenting by the Trump administration is a very important organiz ation I think I'll take the eight goes to them will have a devastating impact on many Palestinians, including hundreds of thousands of children who attend on her was cools unawares lifeline for refugees under over five million of them for two percent are living in Jordan, and they rely on the organization providing services, including held that UK cetera and assistance. And so we feel that the mandate they're not. It should not end until there has been a resolution to the missing Israeli conflict and the of a the establishment of state only then will their mind ends, and that is a bit that we look forward to clean. All Dula highlights the importance of funding for children. Attending unrest schools in a similar. Manner to Mr. Gonesse current unrest assistants chewed up five hundred twenty five thousand boys and girls attend seven hundred under schools school's cut in funding. Like this directly threatens the education of this. These children and more importantly, their futures. I had the privilege of speaking with Dr David McCray doctor professor an expert in healthcare in the region of Palestine. Every year. He takes a one month, global health trip to Palestine, focusing on public policy and healthcare systems. In response to my question regarding the unruly funding Dr MacRae addressed. It's devastating effects speaking directly to the current administration and the possible affects it will have on health care. Report has been adequately sympathetic the Palestinian situation. It's it's reality of American politics that you have to pledge your undying support the state of Israel or to get elected to national office. And so. It's very difficult for us to magin. How change that policy. What unique about the current administration is this hard lines that they've taken no open the current administration that that these are going to get better their position about unrewarded. His devastating she went on to provide some specifics about the healthcare system in Palestine and why unroll funding has been crucial. Chris.

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