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Switcher sting thoughts here on the text line response what we shared about the plight of the church in Canada when you think about college kids conservative parents doing the college for providing a hostile environment against their free speech rights probably a day and that's what I think world okay ha ha people defecating openly in San Francisco what moral decay another person say you see here it's really sad but what do you do there recent so called church is in decline because it wants the benefits of salvation without the sacrifice of obedience god's commands are valid now will be in the future in his kingdom not his democracy so the church should be following his companions now my wife and I had an excellent church was an excellent pastor excellent message because we were born and raised in Lincolnton we were shunned sorry to hear that rather unfortunate events why the church is in decline communist manifesto of nineteen sixty three item number twenty seven infiltrate the churches replace revealed religion with social religion discredit the Bible emphasized the need for intellectual maturity which does not need a religious crutch that is from John yes this is a strategy there's no question about that it's not so much trying to promote the decline of churches all you have to do is promote secular secularism and both that in a very subtle way so it's doesn't come across as being religious because it really is religious and everything else will take care of itself over time Bob out of Charlotte good morning good morning been going on for about fifty years and when the presbytery church and I met a Methodist church up there and the Anglicans merged form the United church of Canada.

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