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Talk radio offering biblical hope and practical help i'm roger manning here with author and speaker june hunt celebrating the birthday of our country god bless america await a minute can i say that god bless one nation under god declare say that she can assure still all right well it's it's ride on this program in the night but you know what i'm talking about into seems like that's that's not politically correct anymore you can't mentioned god and american this same sins wearing the bible to say beat politically incorrect did the leading to bite i don't think i've ever written in england correct dead the power all it takes in jesus day with a bit correct i think that can be encouraging to us and a heads of quote some just going to present updated let people think well the founding fathers are the founding of our country that is that's totally secular oh really help at the liberty bell listen to this proclaim liberty throughout all the land and to all the inhabitants thereof that actually scripture liver dicuss 25 verse ten it was 17 fifty two it's a scripture on the liberty bell uh actually substantially before that in the years sixteen 43 this the constitution of the new england confederation whereas we all came into these parts of america with one and the same and an aim namely to advance the kingdom of our lord jesus christ and to enjoy the liberties of the gospel in purity in the peace i don't think that that is on failed language that is so clear about coming to advance the kingdom of our lord jesus christ salute looming it the these are specific declarations um declaration of independence ever heard of that seventeen 76 never heard of it will well okay therefore specific references to the.

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