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Dad and we have a short meet up report from. Magnolia Texas local six six seven Adam. John this is Texas Joe. Coming to you from the Magnolia Texas meet up at Lone Pine Brewery. Jesus Christ it's currently like forty four forty three degrees and we're freezing our asses off but we're drinking beer and eating good food and I'm here with my podcast. Meet up guys got in the morning. This is rob meduse back but fixing that tonight. This is Tom from Texas. And Hey Mama Mama podcast guys. We got a surprise for you. All one two three a hands. I want a podcast. Thanks guys here's the list of meet ups that you can see. There's actually one today which is in San Francisco at three thirty three. Pm This just before the big RSA Security Conference The meet up. We'll start around three thirty three at chest bar. Jason has been invited but who knows. This is organized by the baron of Silicon Valley. I will not put you under pressure there. And this is at the Marines memorial which is a marine hang out as re- as open to the public now and it's a very cool bar and venue very cool okay. So but we don't know if you'll be there for sure there will be a high carry told him. I can't make it got a big dinner tonight. Yeah you gotTA CLEAN. Up The studio as a tough one for me. It well of course showed as to try to do next. Friday's Drake's thing been Oakland. Oh good well let me tell you what's coming up before then Monday. I'll be tomorrow to London. Uk that's the Victorian near Paddington station. that is the I guess that's the monthly one. Six o'clock Also Wednesday next Wednesday. No it or this coming Wednesday. No agenda styling musical marriage meet up for the masses. That'll be it van in Vancouver British Columbia twelve kings pub Adam bow and organizing also Wednesday Nuremberg embedded world. Meet up That is at Well it's Deutschland meet at close Lawrence. Dvd is going to be your host for that. On Friday. The Bay area troll moot that is indeed an Oakland Drake's dealership Jennifer and sean organizing. What is Drake's is at a car dealership or a weed dealership? What is it? It's a big bar. Used to be a car dealership. That's been converted into a big open. Open Air Bar. Oh Nice it's a nice place. Except ownership of that place are a bunch of dicks. Make sure you let them know when when you go to the meet up. Hey you're the owner you're a deck then for some reason no an obvious reason the twenty ninth of February that is a once in every four year occurrence. It is a leap year. We have meet UPS scheduled in Montreal Canada Oklahoma City Oklahoma Kansas City Missouri Lakes County Minnesota nuts. Orange County California's Zurich Switzerland Chicago Illinois. And BUSSAN. Correa PLEASE GO TO NO AGENDA MEET. Ups DOT COM and on Thursday show. We will give you more info on those specific meet. Ups. It's A. It's quite a bonanza and if you want to know more about any of the meet ups you've heard heard about today go to no agenda meet. Ups DOT COM. If there's nothing near you is very simple. You GotTa do is start one because it's great. It's like a party.

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