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An elderly woman emiko county live and local details now from wwl tv's wrongdoing jackie the victim was a ninety six year old roseville woman discovered out the door to elementary school playground around seven thirty that morning that's in the area of grass should have frazier roads are police say she was wearing only a nightgown robe and slippers is single digits aperture 's according to the family the woman was recently diagnosed with early onset dementia and sometime during the day police say she became confused and decided to leave her home and succumb to the cold her death ruled accidental by the county medical examiner's office due to exposure live and local rendezvous w w j newsradio nine fifty all right thank you ron also knew this midday and eighteen year old is sentenced to ten to fifteen years behind bars and the stabbing death of a manning here on township stacy wayne rose jr of taylor was guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the fatal stabbing of robert briscoe briscoe was stabbed outside of his home while trying to protect his teenage son police say rose took off from the scene but was later arrested after tips during a traffic stop he broke down in court as the sentence was read by the judge today and the way county prosecutor's office has now received a warrant request in the case of a double murder under toits east side the gunmen was found monday night at a relative's home and redford a few hours after two victims his wife and a friend were found in home i'm a kinney street near i 94 in harper investigators say the suspect and thirty six year old woman were getting divorced prosecutor's office says that they are now reviewing that case w wjr news time eleven thirty three a strong close to a strong here for car and truck sales wtmj ought to be reporter jeff gilbert joins us live with more jeff while jackie ford and gm had better than expected december's to indy of the will all be off only a little bit from 2016 now all of the drop will be on the passenger car side now listen to these numbers car is made up fifty three percent of the market back in two thousand nine they with thirty four percent last year a chinks at ford sales chief markland a abc's as permanent we believe a structural but it's not related to you know god directly related to fuel commie prices in part.

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