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Man named Fred Harbison died and left a note in a safe deposit box in Gibson county in that notes. According to former Indianapolis police detective Roberts. No Harbison admitted that he was a hired goon for ten Hulan and drove to the house that night to kill gears and Hinson marker just happened to be there and Harbison said he was forced to do them into snow. He wrote the book slaughter on north LaSalle said Harbison never got paid for the crime. And he, of course, couldn't go to the police to complain about not getting paid for a hit even though several people close to the case. Agreed. The letter is authentic. Neither Oland nor Harbison can ever be tried. They're both dead. And LaSalle street murders are still unsolved coming FBI has been called in to help investigate the disappearance of three employees. You'll hear why even forty years later. Police are still asking for help. Glenn? That would near the power lines. Dow white marked where the bodies were found and why police were targeting the interstate after someone used it to target victims. You're listening to Indiana cold cases on ninety three WABC. Hammer in Niger chatting with Bill O'Reilly. Nobody seems like is reporting on Trump's deal with China in the tariffs over the. He was on. That deal was going to be made before even went down Argentina choices in DC..

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