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Did W A B C traffic in Transit Expressway Veneta Hill Road that earlier stall that was out there in the H O V lane. They've got that out of the way. Also on the South bound side of the BQE, Right by the Williamsburg Bridge, there was disabled. They also have that clear Now. Long Island Expressway heavy but moving traffic pretty much as you would expect. Through the fairgrounds thing coming in towards Queens Boulevard, Also in man on the go on its beak away from 65th Street on up to the Brooklyn Bridge. Mass Transit has good knowledge inside is an effect. I'm Joe Nolan with traffic on talk radio 77 w A. B. C. Rudy Giuliani here. The tunnel to Towers Foundation is marking its season of hope, and they need your help. The foundation is honoring America's heroes by donating 36 homes in 36 days. That's one home a day from Thanksgiving through New Year's Eve tunnel to towers is gifting homes and more than two dozen states across our nation. They're bringing hope to great Americans are catastrophically injured Veterans Gold star and fallen First responder families. The foundation is giving thanks to all of those who have sacrificed so much and to the many people like you across this country who have supported their efforts to honor our nation's heroes joint tunnel to towers on its mission to do Good. Donate $11 a month by going to t to t dot org's That's t the number two He dot org's t to t dot orc Help bring hope to America's heroes and their families. Thank you. Joan Hamburg here and I really am excited to share my experiences about my friends had all clean carpet with.

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