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The brace where you're at that can still be heard unfiltered uncensored say whatever you want at the record button then can have you know. I know nobody came to be known tonight. Now that nobody wants to be nisha cast gap with host a books jenny trunk and this is the trunk podcast. Welcome to another week and another episode. Free every thursday wherever you get your podcast. Thank you for subscribing downloading and checking it out bringing you all sorts of great artist interviews each and every week and excited to be back to bring you another and this week another doubleheader as we've got to do for you we'll start out with the legendary alice cooper who checked in on my radio show. This goes back a little bit. I guess about a month or two ago. Alice of course with the brand new album called detroit stories. That did really really well for him. And alyssa guy. That is always out. And always touring and of course as things continue to win especially here in america depending upon where you're listening i can tell you here in the. Us things are pretty much wide open. As far as touring and shows coming back. Which is a great thing to see alice. Cooper already lining up some shows as a matter of fact announced a tour with ace freely to be going out soon. That tour was not announced at the time. We did this interview at the time. We did the interview with alice. He was actually in los angeles and working on a tv show. That is yet to come out. That is kind of like a talent show for rock artist. My understanding of it is that at least so we'll look forward to seeing what's going on there. Alice always a guy that is always active and busy even this far into his career and made a great record that reunited some of the members of the original alice cooper band and a love letter to his hometown of detroit. We talk about all of that with alice. Cooper in interview number one in interview number two maria brink and chris howarth from the band in this moment. Join me and it was great to have maria on an chris. I don't think. I believe this was. Maybe the first time i've ever interviewed them. Although i have certainly seen the band and have said hello to them backstage at festivals and whatnot They've played rocco home in the past and have had a chance to say a quick. Hello what's interesting here is Both of these artists incredibly theatrical. If you're looking at a link between them obviously they come from very very different histories and generations and music but there is a link for sure in that. They are both very theatrical in their presentations. For what they do. In this moment we get a little update with marina and chris and then of course like i said we'll start with alice cooper and remember with the the interviews at the time we did these. There were still question. Marks about touring and what these bands were going to be able to do to play live so keep that in mind as you hear the interviews. We now know things are of course happening but back then there was still a lot of question marks. These aren't that old but it's relatively new in the last couple of weeks. Of course that we're seeing so many shows and festivals come back online alice. Since that interview was done announced the dates with as freely and as far as maria brink in the in this moment crew. Some shows being announced if not already soon so. That's all good good stuff so get to those interviews here in just a second back to back here on the eddie trunk podcast again. All the interviews. You here come to you. Come to us..

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