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No it shows a lot of cool footage from the seventies and what happened in the eighties with david berkowitz and it's very interesting. Because they go through all the seventy s and they've always footage is and where the capture him and stuff and we're eventually going to get in the sam so it's a good thing for you to watch but they're taking it like the way they like. You know took the richard mir's documentary. It's more based on the scary. Oh my god. Canadian satana called. It's just like they should have gone the back in the background and understand the serial killer before you make speculations go deep but it's not a bad thing but look how they kind of you know he when he went after the when he went to prison. And that's a he started a holy man. Now realize my mistakes noticed bunch. I could see that being a very easy cop-out for everybody to true. So eventually realized cameron was unable to give up his sadistic and sadomasochist and everything else cruel ways so she told her pastor about what happened. Because it's just it's always crazy to me to be religious. And i get it because that's where you find. Solitude is in that religion after you've done horrible things. But i always find people that are horrible to other people end up turning to religion or go to save myself rush. Maybe i shouldn't have done this in the first place. i think a lot of those are just. You don't have faith in yourself or faith in your parents so you need. You need someone to say like everyone needs a fucking hit in the back of the head when they're stepping out of line and that can be some people's hit in the back of the fucking ahead. I actually agree with that. Yeah so we're pastor encouraged her to contact law enforcement and on november eighteen thousand nine hundred ninety four months after colleen stands escaped from captivity authorities. Arrest cameron even though janice helped her husband capture call these stand and kept her in prison for like as a prisoner for seven years. She wasn't charged with the crime. Carla mocha six nine six nine snitching spa. I know literally while cameron was tried and convicted of several counts of kidnapping and sexual assault. The court granted janus full immunity because she agree to testify against him. Prosecutors believe cameras. Weren't they married that you can't you can't testify against married while they. I'll must've waived that right at that time. This is the seventies. Yeah you sure. That's a correct statement. There really. are you a lawyer actually do know that all one hundred percent correct statement right now but for the seventy. I don't know looking quick. Well like they tried. Camera was tried on and convicted of several counts of kidnapping and sexual assaults. The court's grand janice full immunity. Because of that she grew testified. He mentally and physically abused janice making it. Nearly impossible for her to defy her husband and stopped a horse that they made call in and doer. so all i can find for the seventy s and one lady said. She refused to do it so obviously it wasn't a law against it have a man confesses to his wife that he murdered somebody that could be. It could be the case that the spouse could not testify against her husband in court could if she choose but it sounds again. That's a lot of other great now specifically there's a there's a pretty serious case going on with say one of my friends families and their white can't the wife can't do anything even if she wanted to share power in the courtroom whatsoever if she went out and just screamed be stricken from the record. Goodbyes no it's not even like five. She's saying he did it. He did this horrible thing. Please lock them up there. I can't fucking acknowledged that all that's interesting so we wanted us canadian court systems because the united states say states might be different. I'm pretty. I always thought that was kind of like a north american thing so i guess when the during his trial and nine hundred ninety five the chance did reveal that her husband actually captured somebody else a nineteen year old maria elizabeth span hockey. That's how i'm going to pronounce it on january. Thirty first in nineteen seventy six year before the offered a ride colleen and the couple picked up. Elizabeth spent hockey spend whatever when she was hitchhiking in chico california chickasaw. I was kind of weird. Some of the states in the guy in tiktok canadian. He's a funny. I can't remember his handle whatever they call it nowadays but showed a male but he does that comedy ship based on he tries to fucking funny expunge hook and all these weird place. They ended up finding on the map. So that canadian is based off because they felt so bad about what they did to the indigenous people that start naming stuff after the orange. Now here he goes. Sorry died because brantford is based off joseph brant which was native american fellow and yeah so they just try to do that to cover up and abuse of indigenous people so the crazy thing is according to chance. They took the young woman home to their home when they had in red bluff and cameron physically harmed and eventually murdered elizabeth. Maybe she and comply what he was saying. And all that stuff like. How colleen kind of just submissive almost in those situations and might be a better idea because you might be able to survive that trauma dough might linger for a long time Put her body was never found in authority are not able to find evidence to actually prosecute cameron for elizabeth. Especially when they moved like. It's i know and it's it's hard to determine and get away with murder one person and it's ten years later like it might be a nuclear. I know a hard thing to do to because yeah because this is a long time. Yeah and the wife. I would think would be telling the truth. You never know you never know if she just wants to make sure he stays locked up for a long time. But i don't i'm not. I probably did do it so so. Despite being convicted of multiple counts of kidnapping and assault in one thousand nine hundred five. He was sentenced to more than one hundred years in prison for his crimes. Cameron was given a parole hearing. And two thousand fifteen. The state of california has approved program for elderly inmates to allow prisoners over the age of sixty took request a parole after. They assert twenty-five years of their sentence. However that paul parole board deny cameras request and he will not be eligible for another hearing until the year. Twenty thirty and he will be seventy six. And you won't you won't get it. It will just be like the thing it's like. Here's your parole hearing. I know we offered it back. But i always find funny. How many years they did give charles manson court like. Yeah man you like. you don't need more. Stand the complex things of my mind. I traveled through dimensions. You hear you court people you even understand what is going on the world. They have corrupt corporations need would just like go like crazy literally and he would never be like three. I've seen a lot of the footage of it when we talk about him. I'll probably play somebody. I just it's just crazy. How he would just like he. He would talk to almost like fifty seconds staring at me and i love chills. Manson still though how love him as a character in a humane society love. I just find his character interest.

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