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A four one K. and employee purchase plan. For more additional stock. Now I was wondering in terms of the RS issue, which is the seventy, five, hundred, seventy, five thousand. Do you think I, said keep that or trying like move that towards like real estate, investment for some other investment idea. Through, the what do you? mean. You know here's my I ain't. What are your long term? Goals Man Right now. Well right now is I want to end up just starting to own some real estate that way that like I could start having a additional money outside of my work so and just start saving from there. Do you have the basis covered? Though, do you have your 401k's in you? Roth IRA's already invested into. So I just started working, so it was my first job I haven't really set up a four one K. or Roth IRA okay. Go so before you even do anything. I. Want you to start there. Okay, because that's the foundation that's GonNa really set you up for success now. Would you just starting your job right now? You may not be able to go into into 401k program right now. Go ahead and talk to HR NC eligible to do that, but right now you can open up a Roth IRA invest into that. That's very first thing that I'm. I'm going to do. Could you sound like you? A young sharp man I loved what you thinking and I love how you want to get into real estate and I wanted to get real estate but I. Want you to start with a solid foundation I. which is Max Out Your 401k and your Roth? IRA's yeah, yeah, absolutely muhammed. I think that Roth. IRA is the way to go. Typically with the 401K. You've got to be there nine months maybe a year before they can do that, so just get started on the Roth. IRA, give me a favorite go over to Chris Hogan three six dot. COM Click on the Dream Team Button. You can find a smartvestor pro in your area that you can sit down and begin to talk to and walk through on these things the key is you want to get some guidance all right? Listen this hour blue by fast a OH. Yes, had a blast listen, I WANNA! Thank Kelly Daniel Associate Producer Zach Bennett filling in for change. Child is our producer and all of you. America for tuning in this has been.

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