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The trains scarcely that sounds exhausting to me i can barely get off at the airplane and come back to the office and start working and they had been in transit on a train for a couple of weeks got off the train and play to mandalay recital all of this serves exhaustig go play basketball game ramin change clothes who you're going to dance for a while you're going to place of music and you're going to do recipes yes that's exhausting it is and we're gonna talk about the time that they spent doing this and st louis after another quick sponsor break hey everyone at euro pal chuck from stuff he should now here to announce movie crush my new awesome solo podcasts right interview your favorite people about their favorite movie it is terrific if you want to hear pignataro john hodgman and kevin pollock an author john ronson podcast a roman mars in griffin mcelroy in author aj jacobs all talked about their favorite movie with me you need to check out moody crush in subscribe launches november 3rd you'd get it apple per anywhere you get your podcasts we a see before the break it had taken the fork shah basketball team and their coach and chaperones about two weeks to travel from school to st louis once they got there they kept up a busy schedule in addition to their demonstration classes at the model indian school they had regularly scheduled performances of their hiawassee recitation song in the mystic and they're mandolin concertos twice a week weather permitting they held basketball exhibitions in the courtyard outside of the model school the players had down time the usually spent it down at the pike which became a favorite place to wander and watch and try out new foods most of their games on the fairgrounds were scrimmages but they did actually leave the fairgrounds to play against several local high school teams even though they never had a homecourt advantage and they did not have the welcoming crowd that they had grown used to back in montana they still.

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