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Leader was happy to oblige as the photographer a month ago he was working the played for baseball's allstar game now he's serving a suspension joe west suspended for three days for comments he made about adrian belle trey comments that were made at least six weeks ago the comments were published in usa today which back in june ran a piece on joe west's five thousand regular season game he'd been asked who the biggest complainer is in major league baseball and west singled out adrian beltre was saying veltri complains about every pitch that's called a strike in west was quoted in the article as saying that he wants told belt trade quote may be great ball player but you're the worst empire in the league you stink baseball has suspended west for three days four and appearance of lack of impartiality no trade told reporters earlier tonight that the thought west's suspension was unnecessary west told them he was kidding when they saw each other a month ago the umpires union in a statement saying joking interactions between all pires players or routine part of the game in the union strongly disagrees with the decision to punish west four or what was supposedly a lighthearted exchange with a player to football linebacker don of a new supply specialized tuesday concussion is the result of a a nasty collision of practice he collided with safety cancer james which left new some motionless on the practice field teams that he suffered no cervical spine fractures but he does have that concussion andy spending the night in the hospital for observation we observe jay cutler tuesday at his first day of practice with the dolphins it might it might be on a new role was the primary regale rhythm this is going to take a little bit of time over if felt right i may not going were getting there were going through the motions driver earlier in the room let me this wobbly wallabies in a deal with walsh holding a row loss on or walls holding.

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