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An essential part. They're all so many other things you could do with ham radio. But yes, The the emergency Communications. Uh, radio amateurs have been doing this effort for for a long time. A very long time. Not only me, but there are a lot of other people that also did this, But yes. And and again. This is on the everyone's old diamond. And this is why, um, I guess, uh, It doesn't get overlooked, you know, And that's the amateurs. But again, it Z, where we, um we have radio amateurs and again. I have to again. I have they, You know, they looked at me as someone that very important, But you know, the real heroes were George. We're all those other guys. All my other friends. There were there were there were on the mainland. Because if I called no one answered, you know they wanted was there. But these guys were the ones that actually answered me actually made the relays all those thousands of people. Those are the real heroes. Those guys are the ones that made all those contacts those that have once that came back to me. And again. I mentioned three or four bed. There was many, many, many, many others that say, Listen, I'll take 10. I'll take Ted. Give me 10. Give me can give me and I had people like this and I got on the radio every single day every day at 6 P.m. at 14 to 50 megahertz. For eight weeks in a row. Good for you every day every single day. Good so we can cause we have to confirm people would say I'll come back later and case. We'll get back together and then you know, they're strange people calling up a strange people. People don't know that. I don't know that someone's gonna pick it up so people as they had to wait there then they'll see way. Get that too. Yeah, right. So even even when you're trying to be a good guy, It sometimes is difficult. But the only know it worked out. They worked out Super and I want to thank all my friends on the mainland for being the real heroes and this and that during that hurricane Maria George, let's go to the phones for you now east of the Rockies. John is with us and Western Ville, Ohio to get things started. Hi, John. Welcome. I hate you. I just wanna say thank you so much for taking my call is such an honor to speak on your program. Ask your guests the question. You're very welcome, Angel. I don't know if you could just Tell me The way that I'm like thinking that the The dish collapsed is that there was one cable that snapped Um, it took a disproportionate amount of weight. And that caused another cable to snap it doubled, And then there was just the sort of cascade effect that just lead to a catastrophic collapse. And then secondly, what's salvageable at this point on Uh, you know, reconstructing or making repairs and making it operable again. Okay, Well, that Zack, that's a good great question. So, yes. So when that cable the first day that you're just me, right? So when the first cable it came off, they put more stress on the other cables. And then when they second tables that involve obviously got those other cables had more stress on them. And in the strand started the bob. So when that was in the video you actually sees when it comes down that telescope did not go straight down. Because you have the other two towers where all those cables were. Okay, so it went off to the side, right? So it didn't go straight down. It went it went through the side and landed up on the edge of the dish because those those cables were okay. So what happens that? My mother is not all that the whole dish Since I didn't fall straight down. The whole desk did not get destroyed s so there is if we wanted to use that dish that this can be repairable again. Those were removable panels. They're about 39,000 of these removable panels. But right now the crew that That was responsible for the cleanup and ground zero with the trade the World Trade Center. That true is in there right now. So yeah, that's who it was. They put a couple of barges of there a big equipment, and that's the crew that Z That's explaining this up. So now that that arm that big ass in some, they're ready. That's all cut up in pieces, so well, there's nothing very WeII did salvage something some parts from inside. The dome. But not there. They're not really.

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