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Sheila Jackson Lee is calling the release of hundreds of migrants by US customs and border protection. A humanitarian crisis asylum seekers were released into the streets of El Paso, the Houston democrat along with El paso's Representative elect Veronica Escobar toured see BP facilities in El Paso yesterday were an eight-year-old Guatemalan boy recently died she said the policies of the present administration. Do not answer the humanitarian crisis homeland security secretary Kirsten Nielsen just completed a visit as well and said federal courts need to enforce immigration laws and congress needs to fix a broken system. She to call the situation along the border a humanitarian crisis at least fifteen people are dead in Bangladesh. After election-related clashes police say the victims were killed as Bangladesh's were at the polls, deciding of prime minister Shaka's sina should stay on for a third consecutive term. The military was deployed across the country to try and prevent violence seen during recent polls. Asena has been accused of a thorough. -tarian ISM harassment of the media and human rights abuses, by her government Hilton says it has fired a security guard and a manager at an Oregon DoubleTree hotel for calling the police on a black guest accusing him of trespassing. Why are they coming off the property because what and I'm staying here? Not even more germane. Massey. Was staying at the Portland hotel last weekend when he was confronted by a guard while talking to his mother on the phone in the lobby Massey recorded the interaction and posted it to social media Massey showed his room key to the guard. But a police officer was called to escort him off the premises after the guard accused him of loitering Hilton said it terminated the guard and a manager also seen in the recording. After an internal review the chain issued a statement that the employee's actions were inconsistent with the company's standards into values. You're listening to the latest from NBC News Radio your.

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