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Patterns. Got the puck whips it on the left wing Brodine. The wild blue line steps ahead lifted into the left corner hawk zone. Keith again. It's fun. It around the boards, not out coil fire until the right boards. Turned down there by Delia. Cain calmly handling the puck in the right wing Hedstroem of the wild line right wing side, hit the trailer. Keep back the strong one. From the right, circle and patron paid the price. He went down the block that one had hit him in the side of the foot. I'm a wilder able to clear their in Kane got it back hawk line passing across the rink for Anisimov. Puck rolls off his stick down into the wild zone and Greg pattern lift it down to the hawk blue line Duncan Keith hawk line, right wing. The puck ahead to Kane through center ice over the wild line drops it right point Strom moves in and fires up high was intended for Anisimov put it was over his stick at the wild blue line. Now, Brandon pokes the puck to center ice. Artem Anisimov took it back puts it through the air to the wild zone pattern knocks it down with his stick sweeps it over to roggin along the left boards and back over to pattern losing to the hawk blue line. Carl dalstrom there to break things up. Ostrom got the puck to Connor Murphy in the hawk zone scored his first goal of the season against Florida carries to center ice had the puck stripped away. Suffering the left wing corner hawk zone. Macron gremlin along the left wing boards. You'll spent behind the net away to the right wing side boards Zucker hands a dispersion rate Boyd who fired a shot that deflected off the end boards behind the hawk net. Dalstrom moves it out the left wing to center ice fed a pass ahead for Saad. Broken up by the wild Sukkur back into the hawk zone down the left wing of behind the back pass play by dominant. Coon backtracking, took the stick off the puck, Eric stall Cahoon to the wild line on the right wing steps into the zone. And now they'll blow this rush dead on an offsides. Eight fifty six left in the second period here at the United Center, the hawks three in the wild one. This is Blackhawks hockey on seven twenty WGN Chicago's very own seven twenty WGN the holidays a time for.

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