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Twenty one of seven point nine well sort of the minds for tripping madison on the power play year his center thirteen minutes ago were approaching in a way point of the hockey game to falls in madison all man up the two rookies today of it it take that are on to the right of burns sticks nine here against the stay ap russell in the take that off now the that may against russell russell wins in the stampede sending all the way down i can moniker and russell out there affiliates and kind of can solve the left wing wall they come through center flip time of the year it's he nine sit down hill banking in the tallied of its game nineteen get on the wall but it's tangled up got could solid behind the net firewall gifts year played nine they're hurting cure trying to the air cents all the way down buying kind of can song down to minutes seven on the power play for man it's in twelve all week to go in the second period the impede out shooting madison eighteen sixteen with the score to to hear play back on the right wing mall penciled nights it down oh it's picked up by billy jerry all the line here to the right side shot that when this goes wide off the wall comes bank allen then in offside against the capitals forty four seconds left on the power play.

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