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We saw surgeon sales when it comes to small businesses. Hopefully, that will come back. Certainly Consumer wants to support their local businesses and help him l helped him go through this times. It's really is a matter of resilience and how what are the resource is that small businesses have in order to stay float. Which is not easy, and not all businesses obviously could do it, especially when everybody's switching online. Not all businesses have a good online infrastructure for selling to begin with, or are able to do so. But certainly there's a lot of willingness from consumers to support small businesses in their community. So we'll see that continues. We're also hearing a little bit about how consumers might be facing shortages again in essential products like toilet paper, the famous toilet paper runs and bottled water. Potentially do you expect that that will happen if In the next couple of weeks as stores start to tighten up in anticipation of a potential, not maybe not a full lockdown, but definitely more modified behavior is expected from Americans as we try to fight this covert pandemic. If we have any shortage, my guess it will be a very short term one. I think that retailers are preparing for that. They're solely will be much more prepared, and they have been in March when everything's just kind of crashed on us, And I think You know what creates sort is is a sense of urgency. I don't think consumers are experiencing or exhibiting the same certain sense of urgency they did in March. I think they're managing the situation much better. They have a better sense of control over the situation, So the sense of urgency is not That steep and they can certainly manage that, and I don't want to. You know the lockdown then you restriction are being administered differently across states. So you know, not in every every state. They're forcing you to stay home. So I don't think we'll see the same, you know, level of shortage or urgency from consumers For sure, I love Do you have one tip for people who might be shopping online this year, something that they should be careful of our avoid or do Yes. So consumer going to spend about $400 million on the Internet this holiday season? Just be careful. There are a lot of scammers out there looking to make a buck. Don't don't help them. Be careful with what you reporting with your credit card information with your personal information, but Have fun. This is a holiday to hold this season. Just have fun. Thanks for that reminder. Ayala Rubio is an associate professor for the Department of Marketing at the Broad College of Business at Michigan State University. Iowa. Thanks so.

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