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By getting too close kissing her on the head at a campaign event. Never do I claim that this was that rises to the level of a sexual assault or or anything of that nature. What I am saying is that it's completely inappropriate that it does not belong in any kind of a professional setting much less than politics Floros on CNN. The issue also came up on CBS his face, the nation host Margaret Brennan and declared candidates Senator Bernie Sanders, so she's coming forth now because she thinks it's disqualifying for Joe Biden, do you think it's disqualifying decision for the vice president to make. I'm not sure that one incident alone disqualifies anybody Biden's, touchy feely inclinations at public events have been on display for years. CBS news update on Tom Foty w. Wjr news time is ten thirty two. The search for a superior township man has ended with him being found dead. The Washington county sheriff confirms to WW J that Fifty-six-year-old Marcus esperer was found Friday in van Buren township by Michigan state police canine unit Espera had been missing since he left his house Monday. For a rented storage facility and Epsilon township has car was found in a Belleville church parking lot on Thursday an investigation into the cause of death is ongoing. Uber is declining to comment on the deadly attack of a university of South Carolina student police say Samantha Joseph son entered the car of what she thought was a ridesharing service only to be viciously attacked and literally left for dead in the woods. CBS news correspondent Tony dokoupil. Says the case serves as a chilling reminder, Uber declined to comment on this case in particular. But in two thousand seventeen blog post at warned of quote rideshare scams. Including people who pose as rideshare drivers mean. The company says you should always match your car by license plate and the driver's name before you get in police have one man in custody in connection with the killing. Michigan state is off to the final four. But it wasn't easy as we hear from CBS..

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