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D l u uc l tear kevin plucky was hit by a pitch by the way x rays were negative and harlan garcia the six no hit innings it was drew steck and writer who gave up the first base hit a single by todd frazier but again the mets come home ten and one pretty darned good just quickly the rockies beat the padres six four while of audio of this throughout the morning you had a benches clearing brawl their rockies are in the padres the entire series padres them throw that nolan aeronautic who then charges the mound and luis perdomo the pitcher throws why does the glove and retreats like i mean hidden hills like floyd mayweather defense moves looking up he is just back dr backtracking someone come help coming at him with fire for him absolutely so we'll get to some of the audio of that also the phillies beat the reds and twelve four three sedav played good baseball we'll get to the weirdo that is gabe kaplan but in a good way i do think we'll get his habits well yeah that and also what he likes to eat and how he works out and he's strange he's kind of like would be al's hero i agree with you on that for the most part they say he shows up at the ballpark early already dressed in uniform it's very funny anyways bye guys on my hockey team what are you doing you know some of the weird stuff that was going on with him before he got the job right is health blog and what he used to do this i was reading about it that had pictures of topless again and talk about his private time the things he would do how about the coca area.

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