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The game but it it d c y chevy drives the motor city notre dame with a thirty five detailed lead we still have six of twenty nine to play in the third happy birthday wishes to katie stanislavsky have peter murphy celebrating birthdays here today of the brands the selvyn katie sister skipped through liqi peter buddy well the wherever you are cheering for the first quarter was exciting since then the sparta survey just enough mistakes the peeve notre dame in control that's right right now though dangerous in a motor shortly game up keep the ball the ground and live with the amount of possessions michigan state the survey defense has tried to get the balba not mcintosh who scored the touchdown stays on it running back world would reach the handoff run stewards right hit down at the line of scrimmage although he does fall forward box joe block he made to tackle the fell out they're going to have to get your outta here and that by revollo play really not bear to go to borrow a bullet at middle linebacker so see joe patchy make a chance of more seriously hurt now we'll see that's why you have medical staff selig moguls the birth yes sir dr sell six fourteen and counting the play of the third consecutive h partners there twenty or the irish rather twenty two and mcintosh glass sucked the battle out to the 35yardline he's got so quick discovery willis makes the tackle jean here are picked up where well and now notre dame as a player shake it up.

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