Vice President, Bob Muller and Syria discussed on People's Gospel Hour


I just laughed out loud the vice president is right when he told nbc bob muller needs to get this done enough already we've got too much business to accomplish this country has too much business to attend to we got we we've got we've got so many challenges and we've got somebody threats look at what's going on with syria and israel our allies this is very important stuff i mean israel in iran trading blows iran launched missiles at the golan heights from syria and israel did what israel does they responded by hammering iranian sites so you know enough with the nonsense can we can we start becoming unified and putting america first and understanding that this is the greatest country in the world mike mike pence was riley our administration has been fully cooperating with special counsel investigations and will continue to i think that it's been about a year since this investigation began administrations provided over a million documents we fully cooperated in it and in the interest of the country i think it's time to wrap it up it really is it's time to wrap it up you know what what what's the expression what is go home what is it eric go home go i don't know go bigger go home mike expression which is very crude and i apologize for my vulgarity but i'm in a feisty mood.

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