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The dunk book of the Dun Cow. People who write books at make these. Thank our and still enjoy the story. I mean you have to enjoy the story otherwise just get nonfiction out. It's not known compelling, is it? Yeah I mean if you want to read just the philosophy and the philosophy or get out, something else read it, but if you want if you're gonna read a story, that's GonNa make you think Then? The story has to be good and I'm hoping mine is and I think it is and I, think others read it I had a few other suit told me that they really liked the story itself. so that if you took out all the theodose, the Odyssey and all the discussion of of the morality of reincarnation, etc, that's in there then. It's still a good tale. That's important, but I also want a story that when people get to at the goal. And you know, and maybe think about things a little more think about things in an entirely new way to just just that slight just that slow at moment of pause net. Just to get. Absolutely. I wonder. Do you still like Bass Guitars? You are still like what he's still advice guitars. Bass Guitars I love listening to Bass Guitar when I listened to a piece. That's the instrument that I focus on, so if I'm listening to a jazz piece or blues piece I, follow the Bass Guitar, and then here all the end, your instruments centered around it but I no longer play Nah. I sold my guitar years ago to buy a mattress early honoring management really poor. I found out by the way. The sister of the guided bought it that it became a life changing thing for him to own the base that I sold. That happen. But that had been so many years even more years in between when I got might be a work for the publisher, etc, that Well. My life tried to give me in Bass. Guitar and my fingers just couldn't remember it I spend. To figure out where it was. You know so yeah. I was quite frustrated by, and eventually sold it to and fellow Bass Player at Night Church and decided the time I would spend. A relearning the instrument, and it would be pretty intense and then be the time you spend practicing because if you're in a band and practicing, it's almost like being the second marriage you know resent a lot on the band. Get any good at all words, does that come from? It comes from a marriage which is paramount to me, but also be from any other creative pursuits like writing. So I gave Ktar. On. A know it. It's not something you play. Music seems to be for me a window to my soul. Do you find that you get much from music? Oh. Yes,.

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