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Robin blunt but it was a dirty lumber yard because they did dirty businessmen count with the town which met that if if aj benza was a commissioner yeah he could redo his garage shaw town nobody would know and they would play like that no jay comes making money every was a big was the biggest even it was a big yet he lived and the guy who owned it lived the town called kenilworth new jersey that's really rich it's nice place who else lives in kenilworth new jersey and at the time i don't know a great sand the butcha always i write kenilworth yeah wow what jersey i used to have to go up there and see the man and drop below sustain the cars yeah you know what i'm saying i lived with when my mother had that bar we lived to north bergen i hung out with a family and their families always take us on little rides but let me tell you what i i mean mean i don't understand hustle because you can't teach your child hustle now my kid he's only kid just came out commerce everybody had chuck taylors try everybody that mother had jumped taylor's i'm waiting to find the song gimme your money please by tko by beat by turn our dr gimme your money please okay every saturday mornings at seven thirty in the morning me and this guy frankie be he would pick me up when i was around twelve or eleven and we drive the english town new jersey to the funny car.

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