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Jesus, Seth Rodman, New Hampshire discussed on Alyssa Milano: Sorry Not Sorry


Alone can follow you until you die. We hope that's where it stops would suck if you're still paying off your loans in heaven. You know Jesus and Martin Luther King Junior like hey we go right Unicorns you wanna come and you can't go to work a shift at blockbuster in heaven. That's where they all know blockbuster the points the point is student at is affecting everyone. Young people old the people the village people I mean. Why do you think living at the YMCA so whether you're a parent or a kid? There was a good chance that student debt is negatively affecting your quality of life because old people losing social security and young adults are being forced to move back in fact if something drastic doesn't change it's going to reshape the American family forever. Okay so my last question is I want to go to the place where Natalia. Abrams is the new such secretary of Education. Take what would you do on day one to fix this problem. WILL I. I would hire Seth Rodman and row hit. Show friends other really really amazing people you know. I always say that. I'm an armchair policy person. And I'm an advocate and activist at heart but I would make sure shore that we we listened to the millions of borrowers. That have been been going through this and we looked at them as the first injured party so we started with working on the student. Loan that aspect than we have to go to curbing college costs and making college debt free or free so we don't see the situation can happen again so that would be my first move in this weird alternative were world that I'm secretaries as well. Stranger things have happened look at bets. Aw Yeah I never say never say never. I shouldn't think I could do a better job than the current people. That's what I've always felt that I want my leaders to be smarter than me and I sadly do not show that way right now. I don't I don't know maybe the worst thing to ever happen to the American middle class is the thirty year mortgage in the years following World War. Two consumers bought houses based on how much they they could afford to pay for the House with the advent of extended mortgages people stopped thinking about the total price and started thinking about how much they could afford per per month banks obviously love it with the amount of interest paid over all those years they make a killing and because the total cost wasn't as readily apparent Erin developers. Just keep jacking up their prices a house. which sold in the nineteen fifties in New Hampshire for eight thousand dollars now sells calls for more than two hundred thousand dollars? It's keeping the people poor and the bankers and developers you know the Kushner's and the trump's rich and now we do the same thing with education. It's no longer about the value for the price or even about the return on the investment for most the return and will almost never catch up with the monthly payment that will follow many into Middle Age it keeps us from achieving our full potential as individuals and as a culture. It's a symptom of our society which focuses on profit over people and on the rich over the poor housing housing healthcare education. These shouldn't be commodified for the rich. To feast on fees are basic human necessities. They they are why we have a society. They are the things we do for one another because they make us stronger or at least they should when we let the few gain at the expense of the many. It just makes us weak and we're getting weaker. It's Thanksgiving a week here. In the United States. We have less than a year until the twenty twenty elections. Maybe around the Thanksgiving table instead of arguing. Politics put the philosophies aside and just make a simple packed you will all vote. It's our greatest opportunity community to right the ship. Or if you think it's already on the right course to keep it that way. If you celebrate I wish you and your family wait the greatest happiness possible. My family and I are grateful for you and yours. Happy Thanksgiving sorry. Not Sorry is executive produced by a little. That's me our associate producer. Is Ben Jackson Jason Editing and engineering by Natasha Jacobs and music. By Josh Cooke and Alicia equal please subscribe on spotify dunes. Or wherever you get your podcasts and if you like the show please rate review and spread the word. Sorry not sorry..

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Jesus, Seth Rodman, New Hampshire discussed on Alyssa Milano: Sorry Not Sorry

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