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Book closed. Yep. I I'm sure that Levy looked Morris two year old son dribbling his dad on the field. After the game, a lovely scene. Maybe we could play Lucas Moore's son against Manchester City, decent touch. He's one of unlike one the phone unlock on the clubs. I could mention he'll probably get a chance because you know, why Parche rotates the squad and one of the reasons Moore's able to performance he's had enough appearances this season. A lot of players. Go to transform is the last time you heard of any unrest in the Tottenham dressing room is the last time you heard plays being miserably miserably unhappy at this club. Yes, they're always plays. We're looking for new contract looking for more playing time. But this is a squad that seemed to get on remarkably well with each other they celebrate with each other. They look remarkably together despite any challenge moment poetry, Tina told me that the key to agree team is to make sure and is the small things, I know this is nonsense is everything and nothing, but he makes sure that every single Spurs player shakes hands with every. Every other Spurs play coach and staff person when they see them for the first time, it was just a value, which is committed to the club. Do what a great word. It's a value, and that's a value because he puts a value on that. I'm a big person hellos and goodbyes very important as a human. It's something I really get my children to understand it where you greet someone on the way, you say goodbye to someone is really important. It's about respect shut up and sold off for big. Talking shots up sort of what mill asthma one. I am Ries men. Reentered the top four off the seeing of ten men what on Monday night football. Just the games lone goal came from Bama Yang in the tenth minute. His eighteenth season a minute later, the was sent off what was judged to be an elbow on Uruguayan terrier, Lucas Tarare arsenal. Hold onto the lead. And sit just a point back from third lay Spurs came. It's what it is recent times also equivalent of being told to cough by proctology attest of stones. Who is true Dini said in two thousand seventeen Konate he said that after a heroic win though slower so weak he likes to quote, take the failed and whack the first one I say in say what say the until this day with referee Craig Paulson who gave Dini read after a the elbow and say hand, the elbow. Jay is nodding to too rare. But this whole thing was reminder to the world the can be too much. We didn't need to know that Choi Dini, but the Camby on the it was I'm watching the Thomas crown affair in which Dini plays a Pierce Brosnan role. Where you tell the whole world that you're going to steal a Monet painting. And then you actually go and try and steal it. God love what for being such gracious. Hosts it already gifted also lead. The Ben foster foster. This was a goal of Phil Jones quality without thinking go. He blasted the ball off a pressing Obama young into his own net. Just what for the combined impact that self sabotage inspired them. That's why I love they love this war between love the taste of the rim. Blood in them. It was ten minutes felt. And we also Michael Ken. We also found text me at the end of the game. It was just I f soil myself would have lost seventy five minutes. I mean also convincing that fence Aford. It was it was it was pre diet. But this ended the season first away clean sheet of the campaign for teen. Quote, comb went away you take the points. Don't you any which way you can get them? Dave thank the old gods in the another arsenal famous. Awesome. Final Twitter common where it was wrote. I believe how far it's come with Brighton. Astle being arguably the better team against ten-man offered. Yeah. It is my favorite moment of the match also fencing deliriously, how must you be? We're winning you way. Burnley to Cardiff nil victory. The Auburn shores top-flight return.

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