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The unexpected death of a favorite at the zoo. Mostly cloudy, overnight, scattered showers developed Wednesday, I've seen Lear. Here's what's trending this hour. The staff of the Indianapolis zoo had to say goodbye to their six year old African elephant Madison McGill reports died late Tuesday morning after showing signs of Donald discomfort on Sunday veterinarian say her symptoms seemed like mild colic, and she was drinking and eating staff stayed with her overnight Sunday and Monday, but are symptoms progressed rapidly. He will be done to determine cause of death. Does you says elephants grieve, and we're given time with her after she died to understand why she won't be with them anymore. Madison. Mcgill Ninety-three WIBC mobile new attorney general Curtis Ville could be disciplined by the Indiana supreme court disciplinary commission last year. He'll watch accused of groping for women at a downtown Indianapolis bar back in July. He blamed the media across the country. We see a media based on. Sensationalism? The commission says hill violated the rules of professional conduct and has shown no remorse with final passage in the Senate Tuesday. Indiana is set to have a state school superintendent appointed by the governor not chosen by your vote. Governor Eric Holcomb says governors should be responsible for administering education policy and departing superintendent, Jennifer McCormick says the race for governor in twenty twenty. We'll loser greater attention. I'm staying Lear on the level on the go on Twitter at ninety three WIBC and.

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