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Nine today on the triple threat, John Harris joined the show. I we know what that music means it either means Brown just scored or time to talk a little NFL draft on the buyers barricades hotline with our good friend would be Johnny Harris who joins us on the show. Johnny is the shrimp. Cocktail at Saint elmo's all that it's cracked up to be. It's all I hear about. I don't know good. Very good. But it will leave a sane on you now. You know, if you're not you're not ready for it. I wasn't in the first time I wanted to combine we went to Saint elmo's. And of course, they played a little practical joke on the new guy. And I thought I was gonna die tradition. Tradition yet. I learned that. And I I sent laugh at people that have gone through the same situation, but we don't go to Saint anymore. We go to some of the other places there. One place in particular, forty seven may everybody Shinnecock cocktail everywhere, you go like no matter the restaurant there. Hey steak and shake you want some should every place in Indy. Shinnecock feel ridiculous because the most landlocked city in the country should have shrimp. Cocktail. Yeah. Exactly. So I don't really have an excess or horseradish. I know that because it ends up in that follow every year. Yeah. And for people who don't know, the gag if you wanna call it that is the cocktail sauce at Saint elmo's. It's basically pure horseradish sauce with with just enough. Cocktail sauce to make it look like it's just holidays. Oh, it's it's very very hot. Yeah. I liking it to this rich. I I remember one of the one of the people at my parties in our party. I want to say his name was Mark Vandermeer. But I could be wrong. Encourage me to put more man, you're from Texas in that bad put more on. So I did it felt like there was a jackhammer inside my head like pounding out. Oh my God. Oh, my God knows in your sinus, cavity just ignites and don't feel bad John. Now, you've been accepted in the inner circle guy. Everyone everyone's been through that including me, including the shell watch. And we went to a place. We play for lunch, Mark. And I did. And so as we were talking in Mark paid, and we both had our our our Texas logos. All we shirts a t-shirt sweatshirts or whatever. The guy came out and said, yeah, you know, a couple of years ago. Yeah. I could help tell your logo. I was waiting at table. And I brought the shrimp. Cocktail to the shell watching. So there are many L. Shawn Watson, taking the shrimp cocktail challenge. And it's pretty funny. So let us in that direction. John. I don't I don't need to hear that the Shawn Watson succumbed to the horseradish. I wanna hear that. He's basically like Gary target on game of thrones. And he can't be burned by fire. And then he'd laugh at the horseradish just dumped it all on his face and cackled maniacally because he wasn't phased by it at all. Well, yeah. That's that's probably that would happen. Okay. Good. Okay. Good. Thank you. Speaking of quarterbacks. Johnny segue alert. Do you think the Cuyler Murray is going number one overall in this draft? Yes, I think he's the shiniest toy of the bonds. I I know people love Dwayne Askins, and I get that. But look look at the wide receivers that Dwayne Haskins through to and what they did the combine Paris Campbell ran four three one Johnny Dixon ran four four one. He was a slow one of the group and Terry McLaren who urban Meyer almost didn't give up a scholarship to because he didn't catch the ball. Well, enough ran four three six. Oh, my oh. By the way, the backup running back, Mike Weber ran four four seven. And they had to offense liming combine. And that's what bring that out because like. I mean, you're throwing those wide receivers that offense to live with that running back, Mike Weber. Nobody wears Jackie Dobbins is better. I mean, I don't wanna say that Dwight asking. Doubt on him because of that. But I mean, you gotta sit back and go. Wow. It was really easy reason. There's a reason for fifty touchdown now the decent quarterback, but Tyler Murray can change the game by taking a step and doing whatever he wants to pocket, but I just think that quick Jerry, and we've probably all had this, and I know for a Sean was Sudan off. And look I love Amy, I know you're getting married sometime soon. But I guarantee if she did offset. I'm a free agent company Houston. It wouldn't be a really means. Amy Amy would probably be the dolphins right now. Know how this thing. So I think cooking varies always had this thing this thing for Kylie Murray. And I think if you put. Thirty AM with David Johnson. And when there FitzGerald for one year with Christian Kirk and now you Bill. Outfit to lie in front of the Murray. I think you could have one of the more exciting offenses out in the NFC west. Cardinals. Maybe. Carter's organization. They know Russell Wilson. Colleague. Why can we have that? Well, you're about to have it. Now, it's just a question of what you can get for Josh Rosen, and we're Rosen ends up and who's willing to give you the most. But I think the dolphins and the Redskins are two teams. I should probably think about doing something to get Josh Rosen. Hey, would you give up a second? Josh rosen. If you're the Redskins you're the dolphins. Heck, yeah. I think he's the best quarterback in this Jack last minus the Murray, and you could gave in the second round. Basically, I do that all day every day. So I think the cardinals it's a win win for them. I actually think it's a win win for Josh Rosen. You go to a different location and get set up for Miami. You're walking whatever I goes. Number one. I'd be shocked at the cardinals are not in team. The cardinals trailed at spa stay where they are take. Either Murray move. Josh rosen. Start building that offense around Carter Murray going forward just to be very clear, Amy if you're listening and she listens. John doesn't know what the hell? He's talking about. And I think you did the right thing and trader to it contender. Someone much wealthier than me. Jacksonville was watching contender. Saw maybe you would entertain the thought. So he had rich. So John since the last time, we spoke a lot has changed. Kevin Johnson has been released Kareem Jackson is essentially tweeted his farewell to the organization and multiple teams are reportedly interested in signing Tyron Matthew away from the Texans couple of other capable safety. Eric Waddell, and Landon Collins have entered the marketplace as well. What's an updated version of what you think happens next with this back end of the defense. I said this a week ago. And I still think I felt like the sections were gonna do whatever possible to sign either tyrant or cream. I didn't think they would bring both on back. I want him to love both of them. But I think they were gonna bring one of them back and at that point hiring experienced point fakey, then cream and he's five six years younger, so seemingly you would make sense. That you would bring back tyrant. But with the number of safety better out on the market. You mentioned two of them. I mean, those guys are let me. Well is one of my favorite players. I love the guy, but he's thirty four. He's doing a lot of it on dial and guts right now. It's not where he's gonna go into slot. Lock somebody. Yeah. That's not gonna be. It's gotta be tiring. Does that? They've got a lot more cover ability at this point in their careers. Well, about the questioning me for Landon Collins is could he play the back end when the play like a glorified? We'll linebacker or play the the money spot in dime. He's pretty good. The closer you gets to livestream. If he's very very good. But can you put him in the middle of the field and be effective? So that's like, oh, man. I don't I don't know about that. I'll tell you a guy that I really like if they're not able to bring tyrant aid more cream back in Asia Amos from the bears, and he's got some experience with Bill O'Brien. I haven't played for him at Penn State. So I I like what he brings. I think he can't interchange player the box, and he can also play e parade coverage. Look you've got a starting point is Justin Reed under how came back last year type team team-leading reception after beating cancer, you gotta gotta gauge Amos to that makes I think if you're pretty good about the safety position or. I've said I think it's hiring or Kareem and at that point you look positions, but there's gonna be a lot of people interested in hiring. And for good reason. But that said there are a lot of safety at a lot of people are going to look at. So I'm very interested in this market kind of plays out. But I really want fire Kareem come back. We need one of those guys with the continuity, and what they still break to this defense and the way that they tackle out in space. If you're not able to if the market just throwing money, you didn't have to rename you're gonna have to pay a lot from nanny college. I'd much rather pay a lot for off into Lyman named Trent Brown. So you might have to go to the draft route they work last year. The way you go get and you ended up putting a couple of young safety back there and live with some of the growing pains Johnny Harris joining us talking a little NFL draft. Johnny can I interest you in a quick game of either. Or I know it's one of your favorite games. Oh, of course. Right. Here we go and give us a, you know, a fifteen or twenty second blurb on why in the each of these I got five of them for you. And maybe we'll do this week leading up to the draft. You have to move you have to move up to get one. If you're the Texans Jona Williams or greedy Williams. Greg williams. Being a guard. I saw Jonah Williams of months. He was small. I was I know you'd be weighed three or three he looked like a long snapper amongst all those tackles. I think you drag Greg Williams, and then you go get to get, greedy Williams. And then you go get an offensive tackle. That's got some sizes and Gert an complain a tackle spot. I think that's what you do. Absolutely. I I don't have any qualms our Twenty-three Andre Dillard or Andre Baker. Audrey dealer all day every day. The best athlete at tackle. I think in this draft. And he proved that the combines and I wanted this guy for three years. So I would love to see him. I think he is he dancing bear fifteen. He ran core nine I mean, we couldn't do that in the twenty yard dash forty nine. Back on her job for sure. But will he be there Twenty-three? No, not at all. That's that's what I'm assuming. If these guys the caveat is these guys are there at twenty three who do you take John Taylor or d Andre Baker? Okay. I got a big fans wanted Taylor. I got nasty. He might play right tackle. And maybe you can transition play a little bit of left tackle. But I man I tell you what I love I wanted. I talked to him actually on the plane finally Houston out of the great guy. But wait he moves on appealed. I'll take that look downright bakery. Gary bakers, don't be there twenty three. I don't think that John Taylor. Outer dude are gonna be there. The guy that runs for five to four for a second year. Struggled bid covered last year. You got feel really comfortable that he's going to be able to transition with all those other things be able to play cover key Y Hilton. Corey Davis, and whatever Jacksonville has they don't have anybody right now. But he's going to have to cover those guys in particular and different guy. But he's got to be the number one corner Susie steps in the building. And I don't know that I'm totally all in the Baker from that day. I love it. But man, that's a lot ask you. They're coming in first year, not running exceptionally. Well, keeling coal just flipped the bird. It is radio. You john? Two. Give back. Catch against the patriots. And then you drop everything under the sun after that. On the bench. Set you off to more quickly here, Cody Ford or Greg little. Greg little just because I even though I think Cody forge will play Cody to guard. And I think we're gonna stay at tackle. And look I think I think if the strike on the line, but if there are some debt. Interior position. So yeah, you still got to figure it out. I think Martinez goes inside. He ends up getting one of those starting March position, Greg little resorted, tackle tackle. But he told us the I want to be. I want to be rookie of the year. I wanted to Brooklyn to Houston, we can use that for sure. Live in. But I love you trying to go for. Greg little I saw in the second round. This is more of a second rounder an MD special and the Texans have not yet taken a cornerback in the draft Jerry Tillery or Julian love, Gary Tillery,.

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